Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bluebonnets & Doggies

It's that time of year for Texas wildflowers to be in bloom! Last year the wildflowers were soo disappointing because of the lack of rain in Central Texas so I feel like this years flowers are extra special. On Sunday Justin and I took the dogs to PetSmart for a nail trim and on the way home I begged him to stop at this pretty bluebonnet patch right outside our neighborhood. It was hard to get/keep both of their attention but the beggin' strips definitely helped :)
Lexie just can't sit still in the car...but how cute is she?!
My sweet babies!
Watch Lexie's head move in the next pic and Hunter stay completely focused...typical

Love both of their looks!
My Favorite!!!
Justin and I are off to Boston/Connecticut on Thursday for my Grandpa's memorial service. The highs are in the 50s/60s and lows are in the 30s - I can't WAIT for a little cooler weather...and it's only April - what does that mean for this summer?? Hopefully I'll get some fun pictures while we're in Boston :)