Monday, August 2, 2010

How is it already August??

How is it already August?? We started out our fun and BUSY month(s) of august (september and october-duh) with a great weekend!! Friday night we went to a family friends house for dinner. They wanted to give us our wedding present early - how sweet! They got us the Calphalon knife set we registered for and we are SO excited! Let's just hope there's no post about me cutting myself soon :) Saturday was a busy day filled with working out, cleaning the house, running errands and finally going to the movies. We went to see Dinner for Schmucks with our neighbors, Ashley and Cory. It was SO funny - Steve Carell is ridiculous as usual. Yesterday we went on a party boat for a friends birthday and had a BLAST! Justin had never been to the lake with us before (how is that possible??) but he had a great time. Somehow I didn't get a sunburn - must be a miracle! Sadly I do not have any pictures from this weekend but the lovely Rachel Barde took a few yesterday so I'll have to steal them from her. This is the month of party boats for us - in 2 weekends we're going on one for Justin's work and then 2 hours later for Rachel's graduation party! Don't worry there will be a whole post dedicated to a day of partying on the lake! I was exhausted last night and fell asleep on the couch - felt like I took a benadryl - I guess that's what the sun can do to you.

Hopefully I will get some wedding projects done this week since I have no more photography class and no more dance lessons (sad day!) I really enjoyed taking dance lessons - I've missed dancing so much, I didn't realize how much I missed it until we started a couple of weeks ago. But yes back to wedding projects, I've created a list of to-do's since our countdown is under 100 days!

I'm making macaroon cookies tonight, so look for a yummy post tomorrow :)

Party boat :)