Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reunions, Graduations, and Ice Cream...Oh my!

k so I am LONG overdue for a post, I apologize! It feels like forever since I wrote but it was really only 2 weeks ago from today, wow. So 2 weekends ago we took a trip to Schulenburg for the Schulenburg festival and Justin's 5 year class reunion. Justin, Lexie, Hunter and I went on Friday after work and my parents came Saturday morning. My parents had never been to Schulenburg so I think it was an experience for them. The experience started out with us having to go pick up Justin's mom from work within 5 minutes of my parents getting there because there was a crazy man outside the clinic where she works. So see, Austin doesn't house ALL the crazy people! Then right after we got to Justin's house we realized Lexie had escaped and was loose in the field. Her little head kept popping up in the grass that was taller than her. It was scary that she was loose but pretty funny that she kept popping up in the field. We finally caught her - Justin said he'd never seen me run that fast!! haha So after that we went to the festival for a while where it was scorching hot, as you can imagine outside in August in Texas. Then Justin and I went to his reunion for a bit. That night back at his house I was finally able to get out my camera and take some pictures. I took a ton of pictures and got to play with different settings I hadn't had a chance to use. Here are a few of my favorites:

This past weekend was a blast! Miss Rachel Barde graduated on Friday and we had the pleasure of celebrating with her on Friday night with her family and again on Saturday with everyone! I don't have many pictures from Friday because my parents and I got Rachel a new camera for graduation which happens to have a fish-eye setting so that pretty much occupied us all night. Check her facebook albums if you need more detail. Saturday morning Justin, Christine, Michael and I went to the Austin Ice Cream Festival at Waterloo Park. There wasn't much to do but there was a TON of food/ice cream choices - so who can complain?? I ended up getting a scoop of banana pudding gelato - DELICIOUS and a mini ice cream sandwich that had ginger snap cookies and lemon peel ice cream - also VERY yummy! Justin, Michael, and Christine opted for some dippin' dots.

Justin, Michael, & Christine with their dippin' dots!

Me with my gelato & Justin with his dippin' dots!

Fun Ice Cream Festival van!!

After the adventure downtown the 4 of us made our way out to Carlos and Charlies on Lake Travis for Hotschedules (Justin and Michael's company) 10 year reunion. Ok that made it sound like Michael and Justin own it - they just work for Hotschedules but how cool would that be if they owned it?? Anyways, the boys were sweating their butts off in the volleyball tournament and Christine and I were sweating our butts off watching. It was a fun afternoon but we had to cut it short at 3:30 when my parents picked us up to go to Rachel's graduation party on large marge the party barge! I must say marge was large and was definitely a party barge!! We had SO much fun!! Captain Dave took us out to "the cove" or something like that and we got to swim and eat and watch the sunset. Who could ask for a better Saturday than that?? And to top it off Hunter turned 2 years old!! He got some glow necklace action when we got home! We celebrated his birthday the weekend before in Schulenburg with his doggie cousins! He had a birthday cake and everything :)

My handsome birthday boy!!

It's been a crazy past 2 weeks with everything going on and doesn't look like it's going to slow down anytime soon. This weekend we're off to Houston for my second bridal shower - I'm so excited!

In other news I had my first product launch last Friday...go check it out - it's the Dell Streak. I could have a whole blog post about that but I'm not going to bore anybody :) I promise it won't be 2 weeks until my next blog post!! I'll leave you with one last picture...a sky picture of course!