Friday, August 27, 2010

Almost all about Rachel :)

I promised it wouldn't be 2 weeks since my last post...this time it's only 1 week - guess I'm slowly getting better at this blogging thing. Once again it's been a very busy week...I feel like this is the way all of my posts are going to start for the next couple months!! We're now at less than 2 months until the hard to believe!! My to-do list keeps getting longer and my time keeps getting shorter so I really need to crack down. This past weekend was my bridal shower in Houston. My mom's friend Diana graciously opened up her house for the party. The food was Mexican themed and was SO yummy!! The best part was probably the fact that Lauren brought a GALLON of salsa for 16ish was an accident but still SO funny!

SOO much salsa :)
 In case you don't know - Rachel is obsessed with babies and wants everyone around her to have them. I've already informed her that will not happen ANY time soon. Also, in case you don't know - at bridal showers - the number of bows you break when you open presents equals how many kids you are going to have. Needless to say when I didn't break any bows at the Austin shower Rachel was not too happy. So she brought me this lovely gift to this shower. But don't worry - I opened it like a champ without breaking any about 20 seconds :)

Nice try Rachel
 All in all it was a WONDERFUL weekends and Justin and I got so many nice gifts from friends! It's funny how anytime someone gives me kitchen stuff there's comments about how it won't get used or that I don't cook. My mom even defends me because that is not true!! I love to cook...I just have a long way to go to be as wonderful of a cook as my mom!!

On a completely unrelated note - I did not take the two pictures above - those were taken by the lovely Rachel Barde and her new camera - which was a graduation present from my parents, and Justin and I. I was probably foolish to get her a camera that has a fish-eye setting built in. If you have seen her facebook albums you will know why.

 This weekend won't be filled with as much fun as last weekend :( Sad day :( I have to work tomorrow all day but do get to go to Michael's birthday dinner (hopefully)!!! We should be done with wedding invitations this weekend and ready to send out by Monday!

Next Thursday we are going to New England to visit my grandparents. Justin hasn't met them and they won't be able to come to the wedding so we decided to make a quick trip up there. We're leaving Thursday evening and flying into Maine to visit Mimi & Bampy. On Saturday we're going to Boston (since Justin's never been there) and do some fun stuff there. Sunday we're going to Connecticut to visit Gee! On Monday my mom's family is having a Labor Day picnic so the family can meet Justin. And then we're coming home Tuesday. It will be a very quick/tiring/FUN trip so I'm excited!! I'm SUPER excited about the weather forecast - high's in the low 70's and lows in the 50's. It's going to be hard to come back to this Texas heat (which we've had a little releif from in the past couple of days). Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and a fantastic Labor Day weekend!!