Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Go-To Dessert Recipe!

So I really like cooking and baking, even though I usually end up frustrated. My past 2 baking attempts have been successful, however! Last Wednesday for our neighbor dinner I made some fun low fat - low calorie dirt cups! They actually came out really well. I took pictures of them but most didn't come out because I foolishly used the wrong settings on my camera (it happens!), sometimes you just can't tell it's a bad picture when you look at it on the camera screen. So anyways, I did get a good one of the dirt cups but my memory card decided to somehow RUIN the picture when transferring it to my computer :( Sad day. This isn't the first picture that's been ruined in transferring so I really need to get that figured out. Anyways, Tuesday we had a going away "grazing day," as we call it here, for one of the managers in our department. It's when everyone brings in food and puts it in a conference room and we basically "graze" on it all day. My mom always ends up making my stuff to bring because I'm so busy. I am definitely grateful for her help but I'm pretty sure everyone at work thinks I can't cook. So this time I decided I needed to make something myself. Background info on this recipe: last year Justin and I found this macaroon recipe that's wonderful and somehow - fool proof!! Because every time I've made them, even the first time, they came out wonderful! I think these macaroons are my "go-to" recipe. I know that if I need to make something to take somewhere these will be a hit. They even look like they take me all day to bake - so that's a plus! So Monday afternoon I got to baking and here's how they turned out! Everybody seemed to like them, the first question asked when I set them down "Oh did your mom make these??" This time I got to answer no! So maybe I'll slowly turn around my cooking reputation :) haha

Covered in coconut, mixed nuts & my favorite...


We're road tripping to Schulenburg this weekend for the Schulenburg Festival and Justin's 5 year class reunion. It's my parent's first trip to Schulenburg so this should be fun!!