Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Off to New England!

I decided to do one quick post before we leave tomorrow. It's been a busy week with work, getting ready for our trip, neighbor dinner, and finishing up the invitations. But hallelujah they're done and sent (almost all of them are sent at least)!!! We finished stuffing, sealing, and double checking our list on Monday can see the excitement in our faces because we are SO glad to be done with these!!
Look at all those invites!
Tonight we have to take the babies to Bastrop to meet Justin's parents because they are watching them for us while we're gone. Since we had to do that tonight we had our neighbor dinner last night. I decided to try a new recipe - Shepard's Pie. Sandie gave me the recipe at my shower and I decided to be brave and make a recipe I had never made before for company. Usually I go with something I've cooked before because I know there's less of a change I'll mess it up. I guess I got some kind of cooking confidence with all of our new kitchen items from my shower!! The Shepard's Pie actually came out really least everyone said they liked it - and I don't think they were lying becuase there was barely any left!! I was so happy that it came out...but was short on time so no pictures :( but it wasn't a very pretty dish anyways.

We leave tomorrow for our very quick trip to New England. I have to pack tonight because I've been putting it off because we don't know what the weather will be like with that crazy hurricane Earl making his way up North. And sadly I'm not taking the Rebel...we are carrying on our luggage and it's such a short trip I have to leave it at home :( but I will have my little canon point & shoot so I will come back with awesome pictures still! So as of right now this is our sched...

Thursday: Get into Portland, ME late at night
Friday: Spend all day with my grandparents in Portland
Saturday: Go to Boston and do touristy stuff because Justin's never been there :)

Sunday: Go to Torrington, Connecticut
Monday: Mom's side of the family is having a Labor Day Picnic! wahoo!
Tuesday: Come back to Texas BRIGHT and early...actually probably dark and early because our flight is at 6am

Hopefully Boston will look like this...

and not like the great hurricane of 1938...

Portland Headlight on a beautiful day...
the surf @ Portland Headlight during hurricane Bill

Hope everyone has a fun @ safe Labor Day weekend!!