Monday, September 27, 2010

Surprise Shower & First Photoshoot!

So the wedding is literally right around the corner…with only 3 weekends before the big day!! So exciting but still so much to do…so the blog posts will probably be fewer and far between for a while. On a wedding related note…my co-workers through me an amazing surprise bridal shower last week!! You can see I literally had no idea when I walked into my cube!!

I was surrounded by balloons, bright streamers, cute little mints, wonderful presents, and flowers! It was hard to get to work but it had to be done. One of my co-workers left her Nikon SLR camera so I took some pictures of the festivities with that since of course I didn’t have my camera.

Fun Decorations
Yummy Cake
Me with my cake & presents
 On Friday Rachel and her sister Jesyca came to Austin for one last visit (for Jes) before she headed back to Israel on Sunday. I got to do my first (human) photo shoot! We went downtown to the hill by the Long Center for a little photo shoot. I really couldn’t ask for better subjects…they’re so FUN and willing to do serious & goofy pictures. It was hot and humid (wait were we in Houston or Austin??? Hard to tell by the weather) but they were troopers…even with some outfit changes. I have too many favorites but I’m going to TRY to narrow it down to a couple to post here. We started pictures at about 5:30 so the lighting was awesome. We wanted to take some pictures downtown before it got dark but our hunger and cravings for Jamba Juice and Pita Pit got the best of us!! Here we go...

Beautiful day in the ATX!

Love the jumping pics!
Check out that air she's getting!

Cute sisters! Looks kinda like a fake background...promise we were there!

Sporting the awesome stashes & doing the lawn mower...nbd

So pretty!

Oh the tree poses...

Help a sister out!

LOVE their outfits!

Jesyca's cute tree pose

@ the top of the hill...what a beautiful day!