Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's in a name?

So...I've been wanting to start a blog for some time now - after looking back at my old xanga page I decided I needed to start that again, if not for the sole reason of reading old post for entertainment in a couple of years. But as I learned from reading those old posts, my blog needed a "theme" or idea - not just a blog of random rants and complaints - I was in high school - what can I say?? So I considered a wedding blog - but sadly it was a little late in the game to do that considering there's only 87 days till the wedding (holy crap...). When I got my Canon Rebel t1i it pun intended...I would blog about learning how to use it! Perfect so now I have my idea I just need to pick a name and start writing, right??

Okay well I am the worst name chooser for anything ever - facebook album names - a source of stress...Hunter and Lexie's names - yeah Justin came up with those...So I thought about it for like 5 minutes and got frustrated because I just wanted to start my blog - so I passed some (bad) ideas onto Michelle - and luckily she is a good friend and rejected them. She told me I needed to take some time and it would come to me. So of course i got frustrated after DAYS of not coming up with anything. Well this name finally came to me and I decided to go with it - I created the blog without consulting Michelle on the name (so I hope you approve Michelle!). So basically I'm happy with the name of my blog and that's all that matters. I've been messing with the settings a lot and finally got it "presentable."

I finished my last photography class on Monday. So now that I've been taught at least how to use the settings on my camera - I hope to start having more time to go out and explore with it! I'll finish this post off with a picture...

My picture assignment for my last photography class. We had to take a picture of something "Austin" using all of the "skills" we'd learned in the past 6 weeks. What's more Austin than the Frost Bank tower with some Segway-ers on a hill??