Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Trojacek's

Christmas was so much brighter this year getting to share it with Eli. We always decorate the house for Christmas and even though most of our decorations are ones we've had for years - it just felt more magical this year! I'm sad that Christmas is over and we have to take down all of the decorations - especially the Christmas tree - because it calms Eli down at night when he's fussy! I had so much fun decorating this year and adding a few new decorations to our little collection! It will be interesting to see what our house looks like next Christmas with a 14 month old - ahh! We definitely made sure to enjoy the full blown decorations this year :)

Our Christmas Village!
My new and improved Owl tree!

A little Christmas cheer in the kitchen

I think we need 2 more cabinets for Christmas cards next year!

One of the many pairs of Christmas PJs!
Mommy's little Elf
I'm on the left and Eli is on the right
Before Justin's Christmas party
Santa butt!

We now call this his "Santa face"

Christmas Card pic!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

"Check out all my gifts!"

The dogs usually don't care when we open presents but this year they were VERY interested!

Christmas sure is exhausting when you're this little!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Trojacek's!!