Friday, December 19, 2014

Eli Parker...Two Months

Two Months

12lb 6oz @ 2 month appointment
23 inches @ 2 month appointment
Size 1 - looks like we will probably be in size 2 by next month!
Clothing Size
Some 0-3 months fit (mostly onesies without feet). He is starting to need 6 months for the length but the rest of it is HUGE on him. We’ve been putting him in his Christmas PJs since after Thanksgiving since they probably won’t fit by Christmas.
E man, E machine, E monster, little man, sweet boy, Mr. Crankpants
Eli had his 2 month well check and he’s a very healthy boy! He’s in the 64/65th percentile for height & weight and his head is in the 58th percentile. He had his first round of shots and cried when they stuck him (3 times - poor guy) but was happy when mamma nursed him right after. He was pretty sleepy for the next 2 days but by the third day he was back to normal. He has a blocked tear duct which should resolve itself but until then it’s multiple warm washcloth compresses on it a day. Sleep
Little man loves his sleep (and so do mom & dad)! He’s sleeping 7-8 hours a night and takes 2-3 naps during the day. We put him down for a “real” nap (or try to) - swaddled in his bassinet - every afternoon to try and avoid an overtired meltdown before bed. His other naps he usually takes in his swing or on mom. Eating
The kid loves to eat. Still going about every 3 hours during the day - although sometimes he can’t make it 3 hours and it ends up being 2 or even an hour and a half but I just follow his cues and the schedule always works out - funny how that works! Loves
Piano activity mat - He had a different one but likes to kick SO much I decided to find a used piano mat and am so glad I did - he serenades us every night!
TV - omg this kid will crane his neck from ANY position to look at the tv
Ceiling fan (I forgot this one last month but this is nothing new - looooves ceiling fans)
Being bounced/rocked
Car seat/car rides/walks
Baths Dislikes
Being in direct sunlight...or outside even if it’s cloudy - you would think we were trying to blind him!
Moments immediately following the bath when we just can’t get him dressed quick enough
Having his eye wiped (because of his blocked tear duct) Milestones
November 15th - Grandma & Grandpa babysat for the first time while mom and dad ran a few errands
November 16th - First family nap as a family of 5 (yes the dogs count & yes this is a milestone in this house! First of many family naps)
November 18th - First trip to Dell to meet mom’s coworkers
November 19th - First dinner out with Eli @ Cafe Java (we’d taken him out to lunch before but not dinner)
November 22nd - First road trip - To Schulenburg for Tyler & Kristin’s shower
November 27th - First Thanksgiving
November 30th (ish) - Starting to notice social smiles
December 4th (ish) - Starting to “talk”/making more noises
December 7th - Wore his first bib & first pair of shoes and went to see Santa!
December 11th - First trip to HotSchedules to meet dad’s coworkers Baby Gear Love
Fisher Price Piano Gym - He LOVES this activity mat. The toys hang a little lower than his other one and he can kick the piano and make music. I don’t think he knows he’s making the sounds but he seems to like it either way.

Summer Infant Swaddles - We’ve been using these since he was a couple of weeks old for bed at night. This month we also started swaddling him for his afternoon nap. We call him baby taco when he’s all swaddled up!

Still loves: Mamaroo & Wubbanub
Things I Don't Want to Forget
Luckily we have pictures so we won’t forget but I don’t want to forget his first Santa experience. He made almost the same face the whole time - his little OoOoO face and kept flinging his hands up by his face. Santa kept trying to push them down but they seemed to be spring loaded!

All of the sweet baby cuddles this month. Lots of lazy days and lots of naps!

Gummy smiles and little noises he’s started making.