Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Eli Parker...One Month

One Month

Eli Parker Trojacek was born on October 14, 2014 at 4:56 pm. When he finally "popped" out and the doctor moved her hands and said "Dad, what is it?" and Justin said "It's a...boy?!" We were both shocked and so overjoyed! I had pictured that moment in my head over and over throughout my pregnancy and it was even better than I imagined! We love our little man so much!

8lb 1oz @ birth | Left the hospital @ 7lb 9oz | 7lb 13oz @ his 1 week appointment | 8lb 11oz @ his 2 week appointment

20 inches @ birth
20 1/2 inches @ 1 week appointment
21 inches @ 2 week appointment

Newborn mostly - we started using size 1 at the very end of the month once we ran out of newborn but he fits in both (the 1's seem so big!). They say to change 8-10 diapers a day when they are a newborn...well this guy goes through 10-14/day and hates every one of those changes!

Clothing Size
Newborn...although this little guy is so long he barely fits in his newborn PJs anymore. Regular onesies tend to be good for length but big around the middle. He's long and skinny!

E man, little bird, little man, sweet boy, Mr. Crankpants (earned this name towards the end of the month during a growth spurt)

He had 2 well visits this month - his 1 week appointment was a breeze. He started out his 2 week appointment by his first real spit up (all over mommy) and then proceeded to pee ALL over his doctor (twice) and had to get his little foot pricked. But he is a healthy boy and that's all that matters! Since he had well surpassed his birth weight at his 2 week appointment we were given the go ahead to let him sleep at night and wake us up when he's hungry - woohoo!

The first 2 weeks we had to wake him up every 3 hours at night to feed him but once we stopped waking him he sleeps 5-7 hour stretches almost every night. Lots of sleepy time during the day too - newborns are like cats (or our dogs)!

He's a great little eater! He is pretty much on a 3 hour schedule during the day (except for some cluster feeding here and there) and goes 5-7 hours at night. Dad gave him his first bottle when he was 2 weeks old and continues to give him one every night.

Monkey Wubbanub
Being held
Being bounced
Being swaddled to sleep
Sleeping (thank goodness!)
Mamaroo swing
Riding in the car/his car seat

Diaper changes
Sponge baths

October 22nd - First Walk
October 23rd - First (non doctor) Outing
October 26th - First dinner @ gma/gpa's house
October 28th - First Bottle
October 29th - Umbilical cord fell off
November 2nd - First Target trip
November 4th - First outing with just mom & Eli
November 4th - First Bath
November 11th - First time mom left Eli 

Baby Gear Love
Halo Bassinest. Love love LOVE! He sleeps right next to me and the bassinet vibrates, swivels, plays music, and is easy to get him in and out of. Luckily he seems to like it as much as mom & dad!

4Moms Mamaroo Swing. Oh my goodness does Eli love his swing! It was Dad's favorite piece of baby gear we got and looks like it's on track to be Eli's favorite also.

Gerber cloth diapers. These are the best burp cloths and we use them daily.

4Moms Bathtub. Eli wasn't a huge fan of the sponge bath because he just couldn't stay warm. He had his first @ 3 weeks and he seems to be a fan! We love this tub because it has a built in thermometer to make sure we aren't freezing/scorching him and it constantly refreshes the water so he's not sitting in dirty water (although how dirty could it really be at this point right?!). 

Wubbanub. I think I bought 1 of every pacifier on the market (not sure why because both Justin and I hated them as babies) and the only ones he seems to like at this point are wubbanubs - especially his monkey!

Things I Don't Want to Forget
It's so true that the days are long and the weeks are short. It's crazy how fast this month went by and it was so so hard but so so great. I don't want to forget how little he was...every day I remind myself that he'll never be this small again and it makes me want to hold him tight and never let him go! 

His little noises/grunts he makes which earned him the nickname little bird.