Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eli Parker...Three Months

Three Months

15lbs(ish) - Guestimate on our scale at 3 months

Not sure (we will find out at his 4 month appointment)

Size 1 - He still fits really well in size 1. He’s worn size 2 a couple of times but they still seem giant on him

Clothing Size
3-6 months. We’ve pretty much had to move up to 6 months in pajamas since he’s so long. The 6 months are big on him but the 3 months he can’t fully stretch out in. For onesies & outfits he still fits in 3 months.

E man, E machine, E monster, little man, sweet boy, Mr. Crankpants, Crankacranks, Monkamonks, little boy

Eli has been in great health this month! His blocked tear duct went away overnight - that was a lovely surprise! I’m sure he is super happy it’s gone because now mommy/daddy aren’t wiping his eye a hundred times a day (he was not a fan). He goes next month for his 4 month checkup and shots so we will get his stats then.

He’s still sleeping great. He is still in the bassinet in our room but at the end of this month he’s started taking naps in his crib in his room. We continue to swaddle him even though most nights he ends up with a hand, an arm, or both arms out. Most of this month he went to bed between 9-10pm and woke up between 5-7am. At the end end of this month we started an earlier bedtime (8-8:30pm) because he is just so cranky from 8-9 and seems like he is fighting sleep. So far the new bed time is working out well - he is sleeping 10 hours at night! Woohoo! I’m still debating when to transition him out of the swaddle and into his crib because I know it has to happen eventually but why mess with something that’s working?!

Most days he eats really well. He’ll have a day here and there where he’s just not interested in eating but then the next day will make up for it so there’s nothing to be concerned about. He’s changed his 3 hour schedule to 2.5 hours for most feedings. He still takes a bottle at night from dad (although he did have a 2 day bottle strike he’s back on track).

Piano playmat
Mamaroo Swing
Scout the Dog
Snoopy stuffed animal
Sophie the giraffe
Baby Einstein Ipod
Diaper change/PJ time with dad before bed

Tummy time - he’s not a huge fan - although you can lay him on your chest and he looks all around

December 16th - Smiling a lot and starting to really “talk”
December 17th - Mom & Dad’s first date night/night out at the HotSchedules Christmas Party
December 18th - First neighbor dinner with the Johnson’s & the Dickey’s
December 20th - First trip to the mall (to get Dad’s haircut)
December 22nd - First time driving around looking at Christmas lights with Starbucks (a yearly tradition we started a few years ago)
December 23rd - First nap in his crib in his room
December 24th - First Christmas Eve and first trip to church AND 1st Mexican restaurant
December 25th - First Christmas
December 26th - First trip to Caines and first ride in his UppaBaby G-Luxe stroller (getting ready for Disney!)
January 7th - First real laugh/giggle

Baby Gear Love (new this month)
Sophie the Giraffe - He seems to be pretty interested in the giraffe. He holds it when he sleeps in his swing and naws on it here and there.

Jumperoo - He’s still a little too small for it but we put some pillows underneath and he seems to really enjoy the toys and noises it makes. I think his love for this will continue to grow!

Zutano Booties - These booties are the BEST! I can’t keep socks on his feet because he manages to kick them off every.single.time. These booties snap on the side and stay on his feet and are so so cute.

Leap Frog Scout Dog - This little dog is so cute - it has different songs/games and knows Eli’s name. I may have the little songs stuck in my head every night but he lights up when the dog talks to him!

Oball Rattle - This ball is perfect for his little hands because it’s light and his tiny fingers can grasp it and actually hold on to it. It also rattles a little so it gets his attention.

Things I Don't Want to Forget

The way he’s starting to feel your arm when you hold him. His little hand is so gentle!

How peaceful he looks when he’s asleep in his swaddle/taco. I know he won’t be swaddled much longer and that means he’s growing up!

Waking up with him sleeping next to me. I know it won’t be long before he’s in his own room and I love the little noises he makes and his wake up stretching.