Monday, October 6, 2014

38 Weeks...Our Little Pumpkin

Baby T is the size of a small pumpkin!

How far along: 38 weeks
How big is baby? Small Pumpkin
Symptoms: Swollen hands/feet, shortness of breath when having braxton hicks
Maternity clothes: Yes – my workout shorts/tank tops are really the only comfy things at this point
Sleep: Same as last week – some good nights and some bad nights…and for some reason I like to wake up at 5am on Saturday only
Miss anything: Being able to sit up/stand up easily
Movement: Pretty frequent movements – jabs in my right side – poor baby has no room
Food cravings: Still sweets
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: Yep
Labor signs: As of my appointment last week I’m 2cm dilated & 80% effaced and having lots of braxton hicks – but no real labor yet…at least my body is starting to kick it into gear! On Saturday morning I woke up and took my blood pressure and it was pretty high (136/90) and I continued to monitor it throughout the morning and it went down a little but still really high for me. I started having some trouble breathing (which normally only happens when I’m lying down) and my heart was racing. I called the on-call doctor and she wanted me to go to labor & delivery to have some tests run. Justin and I went after lunch (probably a good thing we missed the rest of the A&M game!) and they monitored my blood pressure, contractions, and baby’s heartbeat for about an hour and a half. My blood pressure slowly decreased and by the time we left it was back to my normal range – 106/65. We also determined that during my stronger BH contractions is when I have difficulty breathing and the nurse said that’s okay (just annoying). I hated going there for no reason but would rather be safe than sorry!
Belly button in or out: Still thin & in!
Wedding rings on or off: Off
Mood: Good! I can’t wait to meet this baby!
Feeling boy or girl? Still girl but just so anxious to finally find out (and buy some gender specific clothes)!
Looking forward to: Meeting baby T…I can’t believe my due date is NEXT WEEK! Until then Justin and I have been enjoying a lot of time just the two of us but we are both so ready to meet this little boy/girl.
Best moment of this week: Finding out that I’m 2cm dilated/80% effaced – I wasn’t sure my body was going to do any of this on its own so I was really happy to find out it was at least starting the process of labor – woohoo! Also, getting our maternity pictures back from Magan! They are amazing and I can’t wait to share some of them…I’m so thankful she captured this special time in our lives! It’s going to take me forever to narrow down which ones I want to print/hang!!