Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Little Baby Troj

Just in case you missed our facebook announcement yesterday...

Justin and I are so so excited and can't wait to take this leap into parenthood! 

So the picture above was literally the first picture I took that day. I spent the next 20 minutes trying to get them to look at me and finally with some treats and some stern words I got the perfect picture! When I showed Justin the pictures he said he really liked the first one...I was like seriously?! Do you know how hard it was to get this other picture!? But I love both pictures and felt like I needed to share the second one since so many people asked how I got the picture we shared - I just wanted to prove I got them both to look at me at the same time ;)

I haven't really decided how I'm going to blog about this pregnancy but if I do it will be on this blog. My blog has always been a mix of travel, home improvements, and other random things so why not add Baby T to the mix? 

Justin and I were very fortunate to have traveled all over the world before baby T makes his/her appearance. Since we met we've made 3 trips to NYC, 2 Caribbean cruises, 2 trips to Europe (Mediterranean & Baltics), 2 trips to Mexico, 2 trips to California (LA & San Diego), an Alaskan cruise, a week in Hawaii, 3 trips to DisneyWorld (including our Honeymoon!), a few trips to New England (Boston, New Hampshire, Connecticut & Maine), 3 trips to Vegas, Arizona & the Grand Canyon, Colorado, plus some weekend trips around Texas (Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Fredericksburg, College Station, etc). Whoo! That's 12 states and 18 countries...not bad in 9 years :) We know are lives are going to drastically change, as well as our vacations, but we plan to travel with baby in tow - and probably add more US destinations to our future itineraries :)  We have a few last "hurrahs" planned before October...a Caribbean/Bermuda cruise (this will be our last cruise for a few years!), a trip to Port A, and a trip to an adults-only resort in Mexico (we decided we better enjoy adults only while we can!!) so we are excited to vacation it up...and then of course blog about it ;)

Luckily we worked our behinds off this past year on doing home improvement projects because we know that will be low on our priority list once the baby is here. We have been having a lot of fun designing the nursery and I can't wait to see it come together! The only big project we didn't get done was staining the kitchen cabinets...but oh well! I'm sure we will continue to do little things here and there around the house but nothing major.

Our families are so excited to have their first grandchild (and great grandchild on both of my sides)! Our parents are still trying to pick grandma/grandpa names so suggestions are welcome! 

How I told Justin: I had taken a cheap test on Tuesday and threw it away because it was negative. Well Justin got it out of the trash after work (8+ hrs after I took it) and swore he saw a line - but I wasn't convinced it was a real line since I didn't see it in the right time frame. So I took a test the next morning and it was positive. I was in shock! I got a blood test to confirm and had to lie (the whole day) to Justin and tell him I didn't take a test because he kept over-analyzing - weird, right?? ha ha On his way home I told him while I was cleaning up the guest room I found a Christmas present I had forgot to give him. When he got home he opened the box and it was a new pair of Sperrys for him with a little pair of baby Sperrys and a note that said "Baby T is going to need these to keep up with Dad!" I wish I could have recorded his reaction but it will forever be a special memory for me. He kept hugging me and asking if it was true.

How we told my parents: We told my parents about 30 minutes after Justin found out because we just had to tell someone and I knew I couldn't keep it from my parents. We had bought big brother/big sister shirts for the dogs in anticipation of when the day would come when we could use them. We put the shirts on the dogs and took them over to my parents (we had neighbor dinner that night and they always go over there while we're at dinner so it wasn't out of the ordinary). My dad met us outside but luckily the dogs ran right past him and he didn't process what the shirts said. My mom was in the office and I told her to come look at the dogs new shirts...she came out and read aw big brother! and little sister (Lexie's shirt was a little scrunched up on her). I told her to read the shirt again and she said big sister.....what does this mean??!? Justin responded...surprise....! Then she asked if it was a baby or a puppy and when we told her baby she started crying. It was the best reaction and Justin got it all on video :) My parents are super excited to finally be grandparents!

How we told Justin's family: Justin's parents, Tyler & Kristin came down for my dad's retirement party. We only had a short window from when they got there until the party started to tell them the news. We had bought an uncle onesie & aunt bib and then a grandpa book & grandma bib and put them in gift bags. We told them one of their Christmas gifts came in late and they opened them. They were all so excited! Kristin knew this was coming and thought it was going to happen at Christmas. Justin moved too quick and I didn't get a video but it was still such a great moment!!

One of the best parts of pregnancy so far has been telling all of our family/friends. I wish we could have told everyone in person but for some a text/phone call/facebook were the way we had to go. We can already tell this little person is going to be SO LOVED and can't wait to see what's in store for us as parents :)