Friday, July 29, 2016

Eli's Big Boy Adventure Room

We've been talking about moving Eli to his big boy room for quite a while now and a few weekends ago decided to bite the bullet and just do it. There were 2 main reasons we were wanting to move him rooms...1. His baby room is the hottest room in the house and homeboy is hot natured so these two things didn't mix well and 2. My desk was in the playroom meaning he wanted to touch all the things (we moved my desk into his old room along with the guest bed). The 3rd (and not main) reason I wanted to move him was because I was itching to get my designs out of my head and onto his walls...literally!

We have been dying to do a wood wall in our house somewhere and finally decided on Eli's room. We (for the rest of this paragraph when I say we I mean Justin) read LOTS of blogs on different ways to do this but we ended up going with self stick vinyl faux wood planks. In true Trojacek fashion we had a complete fail before we actually got this thing to work. One of the blogs suggested using an adhesive spray (even though the back of the tiles are sticky) Justin was about 1/3 of the way done with the wall and we took a frozen yogurt break...only to come home to some freaked out dogs and ALL of the planks on the floor. So poor Justin had to start over but this time used nails to stick them to the wall and that worked fabulously! We are so SO happy with the way it turned out and now want to put wood on walls all over the house! {I'm only slightly kidding}

So the wood wall also went very nicely with my outdoor adventure themed room that was stuck inside my head. We basically cleared out Hobby Lobby to make this happen. About 2 weeks after moving him to his new room he decided to climb out of a pack n play & his crib in the same day so that next morning Justin converted it into a toddler bed. Eventually we will get him a twin size bed but for now the toddler bed is working fantastically!

I was able to re-use some of the things from his nursery which made me happy (& nostalgic).  I think the adventure/little explorer theme fits with Eli's little {big} personality SO well! So here goes it!

This is one of my favorite things in his room. I saw this phrase on a large wooden sign online but knew I wanted something slightly different. I used 2TreeStudios on Etsy to create the vinyl and Sherry once again exceeded my expectations. She also sent a few extra decals...the buffalo that says Eli on his shelf...I almost died when I saw stinking cute!! I bought the piece of wood at Hobby Lobby (and the small round one at target) and put the vinyl decals done and voila! 

His future twin size bedding

Hobby Lobby
Black & White Feather Picture
Both Wooden Arrows
Metal Bear Head
Brown Wooden Arrow Frame
TeePee Picture
Wood for Let Him Be Wild Picture
Explore with Paddles
Chevron Garland
Little Explorer Sign
TeePee Shelf

Paddle Hook
Bed Sheet
Future Comforter & Sheets
Tree Blanket
Side Table
Blackout Curtains