Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eli Parker...Nine Months

Nine Months

20lb 13oz (71st percentile)
28.75 inches (68th percentile)
Size 3 for daytime and size 4 for night time

Clothing Size
9-12 months

Little man, Sweet boy, E-machine, Partner, Party Part Parts, Parts, Partalarts, E-man, E-money, Eli no (ha!), ET, Parks, E Parks, Little Eli (the little boys at daycare call him this - SO adorable!)

Overall we had one healthy little dude this month. He had a slight “cold” the week after he started daycare but it only lasted a few days and seemed to feel fine. So not sure if it was a cold or teething related. Everything was great at his 9 month well check and he is hitting all of his milestones right on track right now.

This has been another rough month sleep wise. A few days of sleeping through the night here and there but a lot of nights that he would wake up 1-2 times. One night he screamed from 10pm-12:30am. We think he had teething pain because once we have him some ibuprofen & some teething tablets he calmed down enough to fall asleep. He also started waking up 5-10 minutes after going down and just needs someone to go in and pat his back and he goes back to sleep. From what I’ve been reading a lot of this seems like it’s due to separation anxiety.

Eli loves fruit and veggie mixes but isn’t crazy about meat (purees). When he likes something he inhales it, when he doesn’t it takes forever to feed him! He’s still leary of textures but even if he doesn’t care for something you can usually get him to eat at least a portion of it. Some days he likes avocados and some days he gags on them. He loves his sippy cups with water (and also loves throwing them on the ground). This month we started giving him a lot more “finger foods” that he can pick up and eat himself such as strawberries, cheese, avocado, watermelon, nectarine, and chicken. He continues to really like puffs. He’s becoming quite the eater = I think he’s going to eat us out of house and home.

To play with the dogs’ tags
Opening/closing doors
Dropping food from his high chair
Banging things on other things
Kitchen cabinet doors
His puppies
Trying to open the kitchen cabinets (hello child-proofing!)

Diaper changes
Getting dried off/dressed after bath
Getting told “no”
Being held
Sitting still

June 15th - Went all the way under water at swim lessons for the 1st time - seemed a little surprised but wasn’t upset!
June 23rd - 1st sandbox experience (at daycare)
June 24th - 1st jog in the jogging stroller - he’s a fan!
July 4th - Eli’s 1st 4th of July! Celebrated by standing on the safari ride @ the Exotic Zoo in Johnson City
July 8th - Drank out of a straw for the 1st time. We tried a straw sippy cup as his 1st sippy cup and he didn’t get it so we just kind of forgot about it until today.
July 9th - Blew bubbles in the pool

Baby Gear Love  (new this month)
Nuk Baby Spoons - These have been a favorite for a few months. We actually only have 1 of these because it was from a baby shower but they are a little more “rubbery” than the munchkin ones and it makes it much easier to scrape his bowls and get every last drop of food!

Tommee Tippee Easi Mat - This mat sticks to any table (including Eli’s tray) and the Tommee Tippee bowls and plates attach to it. At first Eli couldn’t get the bowls/plates off but now he can. We just have to move it a little further away from him so it takes him longer to figure out how to pull it up. It’s still better than a free standing bowl/plate in front of him!

Ubbi Snack Container - We started out with the munchkin snack containers but Eli would immediately pull off the cover which = snacks everywhere. I read some reviews (and we love our Ubbi diaper pail) and decided on this one and it’s been great! The lid screws on and has a cover so we can store snacks in there without worrying about them going stale. He still hasn’t figured out how to get his little hands in the container but he hadn’t figured it out with the other one yet either.

Leap Frog Learn Around Playground - We’ve had this toy for about 3 months but in the last month he has been super interested in it. Especially now that he’s starting to pull himself up he loves it! So many different buttons/sounds/textures.

Swimways Baby Float - We bought this float at the beginning of summer and Eli loves pool time in this! I wasn’t sure about the giant giraffe head but target didn’t have a lot of choices so we went with it. You can leave the head off but Eli actually really likes it. Turns out if he can reach the bottom of the pool he will walk around like he’s in his walker - it’s too funny!

Things I Don't Want to Forget
The funny faces he makes - especially when he sticks out his tongue.

He started wanting mommy towards the end of this month. As frustrating as it is for Justin - I’m enjoying it while it lasts because I know it will be short lived!

When we tell him no he gets so angry and sometimes cries (for a second), puts his head down, and then continues doing whatever we told him not to do. We have to turn to laugh because it’s SO funny.

When we tell him no at dinner and shake our head - he cracks a smile and shakes his head. Again - we have to turn away and laugh.