Monday, August 17, 2015

Eli Parker...Ten Months

Ten Months

21 lb 6 oz

Not sure

Size 3 in daytime & size 4 in nighttime

Clothing Size
Still (barely) fits into 9 month onesies but rocking 12-18 month clothes.

E parks, Partalarts, Eli Eli Oh, ET, Sweet Boy, Little Man, Parts, E-machine, Partner, Little Eli, TTT (toilet toucher Troj HA)

Eli was really healthy this month until the very end of the month (the day before he turned 10 months) when he got a cold. Poor little guy was really congested and had a cough. He had his first fever and had to be picked up early from daycare. Luckily that was the only day he seemed to be feeling bad - other than sneezing, coughing, and having a runny nose - it was business as usual around here! We broke out the vicks, oils, etc to get him doctored up! One of his top teeth broke through this month so we’ve had some teething going on also.

Sleep has been hit or miss again this month but I think we are finally at the tail end of the 9 month sleep regression. Had some night wakings but a lot of sleeping through the night. His typical sleep this month looks like this: Wake up 5:45-6:30am, Nap 9ish (at home, he won’t nap in the am at daycare), Nap 1:30ish, Bedtime 6:30-7pm. When he wakes up at night it’s typically sometime between 9-2. He occasionally wakes at night and cries for a few minutes and then goes back to sleep. Same thing in the morning - a lot of times he wakes up and plays for a bit and before I go in there he goes back to sleep. He’s definitely not the best sleeper but also not the worst!

Little dude loves to eat...most of the time. Breakfast is pretty hit or miss at home (I think he eats like a hungry hungry hippo most days at daycare) but usually has some purees, fruit & puffs. Lunch is pretty much the same as breakfast but trying to throw some more real food in there when possible. Has an afternoon snack (mum-mums, cheese, fruit, etc) and then for dinner has purees mixed with meat (for extra protein to keep him full through the night) and some of whatever we are having for dinner. I’ve been trying to give him more “people” food from our plates this month but it still makes me nervous when he has bigger pieces of something! He nurses around 5 times per day: wake up (around 6:30am), 11ish, 2ish, 5ish (hit or miss), and occasional middle of the night feeding here and there.

His puppies
Throwing food off his tray to the dogs
Pushing his bath soap bottles into the bathtub
Opening bathroom drawers
Opening/closing doors
Pulling up on anything/everything (especially the rocking chair)
Food: Grapes, pancakes, yogurt, puffs, blueberries, cheese

Diaper changes/getting dressed
Being told no
Sitting still/being held
Having his face/nose wiped
Getting out of the bathtub

July 17th - First roadtrip “vacation” with Mom & Dad to the Woodlands Resort
Jul 19th - First “bloody” injury - Eli slipped while crawling and cut his upper lip
July 22nd - Top tooth cut through
July 24th - First kids meal at a restaurant - grilled cheese @ Hat Creek Burger because mom & dad forgot his dinner - oops!
August 13th - First official fever :(
*Learned to high five
*Started pulling up - and walking along things

Baby Gear Love  (new this month)
Skip Hop Bottle Bag - We have been using this bottle bag for a few months but it’s been especially great for taking his 2 bottles to and from daycare everyday. It also fits his bowl when we make purees to take on the go.

Sippy Cup and Tether Strap - We love pacifier clips to hold keep his toys attached for him but this strap has been awesome for cups/snack containers. We have 2 - one to keep in the diaper bag for on the go and one to keep his cup attached to his high chair tray (after 2 broken sippy cups from being thrown on the ground).

Munchkin Bath Ball - Eli played with a friends’ ball at the pool and loved him so I got him his own. There was an issue with the order from Amazon and we ended up with 2, so we keep one in the bath and one in his pool bag. He loves that it rattles and also sprinkles water.

Baby Cargo Diaper Bag - I have been using this thing for a few months and I love it. It fits perfectly on both of our umbrella strollers so it’s super convenient for on the go. I got it for a steal on kids woot and highly recommend it!

Baby Moccasins - With all the crawling (mostly on tile) that Eli is doing he gets blisters on the tops of his feet so I decided to try the baby mocs I bought him a few months ago. They fit perfectly on his feet and seem to stay on well.

Things I Don't Want to Forget
Eli’s happy little squeals when he’s crawling around the house or in his carseat.

How excited he gets when he high fives someone.

When you talk about his puppies and he mouth’s “pup pup” but without any noise. It’s so sweet and innocent and you can tell he’s really trying to put it together.

Middle of the night wakings when he just wants to be held. Those moments are few and far between so I really treasure them (even though I’m so tired!).

As frustrating as it can be, the evil little smile/grin he gives us when we tell him no - it’s so dang cute!

His extremely loud babbling/talking at dinner time or in the car.