Monday, June 22, 2015

Eli Parker...Eight Months

Eight Months

21lbs by our home scale
Not sure - we will find out @ his 9 month well check - I tried to measure him with a tape measure and it was an ultimate fail!
Still going strong in size 3. Once we run out of size 3 extra overnights we’ll move up to size 4 in overnights only.
Clothing Size
Can still wear some of his 6 month onesies but is pretty much in 9-12 now. He is a growing boy!
Little man, Sweet boy, E-machine, Partner, Parts, Eli Eli Oh, ET, E-man
Overall we’ve had a pretty healthy guy this month. We did go to after hours the night before we went to Maine because he had a cough and we wanted to confirm he didn’t have an ear infection. Everything checked out okay and his cough improved over the next week. His congestion has gotten so much better - I really think he had allergies before because he seems to be miserable at the same time as me.
Sleep has improved this month. He slept through the night most nights this month but still a few nights of waking up once and needing comfort or to be fed. His naps have been a little inconsistent this month. Some days he naps great and some days not so much. He typically sleeps 1-1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5ish hours in the afternoon. Several days this month he got up between 6-7am and was already napping by 8am - growth spurt maybe? He takes a short nap in the morning at daycare and about a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. He is still going to bed around 8ish and wakes up anytime between 5-7am. Lately I have been waking up to the music of his mobile (rather than my alarm) because he likes to play in his crib when he wakes up. If we have another child and they cry when they wake up - I won’t know what to do with myself!
Eating has been hit or miss this month. He has dropped in the time it takes him to nurse. I’m not sure if he’s just becoming more efficient or nursing less - it’s hard to tell. He gets SO distracted and just wants to be moving so feeding him during the day can be quite the challenge. As for solids - we are continuing to do breakfast and whatever he doesn’t finish he has for lunch. He just doesn’t seem to be a big eater in the morning - and if it’s something he doesn’t love - forget it! He looooves puffs so we got him some baby “cheeto” puffs and nope! Not a fan. Even after watching Justin and I eat them he tried it again and made a disgusted face. He does like the cinnamon/maple flavor and smells like pancakes the rest of the day when he eats them. We are still figuring out what he likes and doesn’t like and there doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason yet - I think it’s still texture based. He likes most fruit but meat/veggies are hit or miss.
Hunter & Lexie (esp when they are moving around)
Moving (he is constantly moving)
Cell phones
Diaper changes
Getting dressed/undressed
When you walk into the room and then walk out
May 14th - Said Mamama for this first time!
May 15th - Saw his first tooth breaking through
May 19th - Eli’s first trip to Maine (and 7th/8th flight)
May 20th - Met his Great Grandmother Mimi
May 21st - Second tooth broke through
May 25th - E’s (and Justin/my) first time to have to take shelter in the closet because of a tornado warning - super scary storm!
May 29th - First time someone other than grandparents babysat for Eli - Thanks Tyler & Kristin!
May 30th - Said Dada for the first time
May 31st - Eli’s Baptism & officially learning to wave!
June 5th - Eli crawled for the first time
June 8th - First day of swim lessons
June 9th - Eli’s first day of daycare
June 12th - First weekend without dad :( He went camping
Baby Gear Love  (new this month)
Boon Teether - We call it his hookah pipe and he loves to wave it around and chew on it
Melissa & Doug Caterpillar - He got this as a gift and loves to pull the cogs off as fast as you can put them back on. He also likes to wave the piece of wood around
Baby Einstein Walker - He’s starting to like his walker now that he can get around a little better
Boon Odd Ducks - He loves bath time and any toys we give him but I love the Boon ducks because a) they’re super cute b) they don’t have a hole in them so no chance for yucky mold!
H&M Sleeveless Bodysuit - These onesies have been great recently. They are B2G1 at h&m and are SO soft! I needed one to go under his Baptism outfit and got 2 more for fun. They work so well under t-shirts so his belly doesn’t hang out but are lightweight enough he doesn’t overheat. I wish H&M had more baby clothes in their stores - they’re so cute!
Things I Don't Want to Forget
The first time I saw him crawl. I was in the office working and my dad excitedly called me because he had taken 3ish “steps” (not sure what to call crawls haha). I ran in and he did 2 more for me! I was so proud - and at the same time scared because now we have a mobile and curious little boy on our hands.
One night he woke up crying and just wanted to be held. I picked him up and he laid his head on my shoulder. He never does this and it was so so sweet!
He started waving this month and starts waving like crazy when we walk out of his room - every time - even though there’s no one there. It’s so cute!
The moments when he just wants momma. They don’t happen everyday but when they do I just want to squeeze him tight.