Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Eli's Travels: Connecticut & Maine

Connecticut & Maine
Eli just returned from his 3rd vacation at the ripe young age of 7 months! We went to Connecticut over Easter so he could meet my moms family. It was a quick trip but we had a lot of fun and Eli got to meet a lot of the Britton side of the family :) We had a big family Easter dinner on Sunday and it was so much fun -snow fall included!
Watching Little Einsteins on the iPad in the hotel
Eli's first time touching snow! He wasn't a fan...

My little Russian!
It snowed all day on Easter!
Only slightly challenging getting 5 babies to look at the camera at once! haha
We tried!
We need one big table!

Eli, mom and I and Eli's Great Great Aunts - Marilyn & Althea
Eli & Uncle Bob
Eli & Aunt Althea
We tried one more time with snow - still doesn't like touching it

Memorial Day weekend we took a trip to Maine to visit the Siulinski side of the family. We went to Boothbay Harbor, Two Lights Park, Fort Williams/Portland Headlight, Freeport, ate lots of Italian sandwiches and spent lots of time with family! Eli did pretty well on the flights - he's just such a busy body and has so much energy...coupled with the fact he does not like to sit or be held - it's very challenging/exhausting. The weather was wonderful while we were there - 60's and sunny (better than the torrential downpours that were happening at home)!

A little playtime on the airport floor (don't worry - he's on a clean blanket)
Who knew airsick bags were so fun?!
My sleepy head
We flew over Manhattan! So pretty at night!
Boothbay Harbor

Eli @ Becky's Diner in Portland

Our little tourist with his Mickey Mouse

Justin in a chair made out of lobster traps
Mimi & Eli

2 Lights

Can you say cold & windy??

Signature L.L. Bean photo! 

I can't wait to share an Italian with him!

Eli @ Portland Headlight - I had this picture in my head and it came out so cute!

Eli & his Great Grandmother!!
Check out his bib...and his face haha!
Mr. Independent wanted to sit by himself 
My little acrobat!