Sunday, May 17, 2015

Eli Parker...Seven Months


19lb 6oz (one week shy of 7 months)

Not sure

Size 3

Clothing Size
6-9 months and some 12 month

E-machine, E-man, Little man, Sweet boy, Peelo, Peetlo, Eli Eli Oh, Mr. Crankpants, ET

Eli had his first ear infection this month. A few days after his 6 month well check he started having eye drainage again. We were wondering if it was another blocked tear duct but it was happening in both eyes. He was also pulling on his ear but that can be a sign of teething. We took him to the pediatrician and he had a pretty bad ear infection in his left ear. She said they can come on super fast and if we hadn’t brought him in when we did it probably would have turned into a nasty double ear infection. He was on 10 days of amoxicillin and luckily liked the taste of it so it was pretty easy to give to him. He was a champ at his follow up appointment but the doctor had to use a metal tool to get some ear wax out of his other ear - and boy did he HATE that. I have never heard him scream/cry like that - it was so sad! After he calmed down he kept trying to look at the doctor and would growl - it was SO funny! Other than his ear infection he has been one healthy boy this month!

He has had signs of teething since around 2 months but no signs of anything breaking through until Mother’s Day. It looks almost like he has a hole/cut in his gums and when we googled it it looks like that’s the first step in the tooth actually breaking through. That evening we were able to feel a sharp little tooth even though you can’t really see it. I think he’s doing pretty well with teething - he’s not a drooler but sometimes we attribute his fussiness to teething pain (but who really knows!).

We’ve been all over the map for sleep this month. He slept through the night more times than not this month but there were still some rough days mixed in here and there. Once we added in breakfast that seemed to help and he was sleeping more at night. He had a week of fighting naps and being really cranky so that was fun...not! As I type this he’s back on track with sleeping through the night (8pm-6-7am) and taking 2 naps a day (around 9am and 2pm and 1.5-2hrs each).

Started eating 2 meals of solids a day. He has a tablespoon of cereal mixed in both at morning and at night. His favorite is pear & mango and seems to like anything fruity. He’s not so much a fan of the vegetable only or veggie-meat combos. I think it’s a texture thing. We also started giving him fruit in his silicon feeder and he really likes to chomp on that - and bang it against the high chair. You can tell when he likes something because it will take about 5 minutes for him to eat the bowl - otherwise - 20 minutes because he puts up a fight. He also likes his puffs & mum mums and has improved so much this month with picking up the puffs and putting them into his mouth.

Watching the dogs play and trying to touch them
Playing on the floor with all of his toys
Drinking out of his sippy cup
Little Einsteins
Having his face wiped after eating - what?! He tries to lick the wet paper towel
Riding in carts/sitting in high chairs

Diaper changes
Getting dressed/changing clothes
Having ear wax cleaned out of his ear at the doctor’s office - apparently the kid sounds like a dinosaur when he’s that upset!
Napping - part of this month he just refused to nap

April 15th - Started eating 2 meals of solids a day (adding in breakfast)
April 18th - Eli’s 1st thunderstorm. This was more for mom than him - he didn’t even notice but he slept in bed with us because mom didn’t want him that far away!
April 20th - Eli’s first ear infection...poor baby :(
April 25th - Eli’s first trip to the zoo! The Austin Zoo. He could have cared less about the animals but he enjoyed the walk. Also had pizza crust for the first time and loved it! Cried when mom took it away.
April 26th - Sat in the grocery cart at HEB for the first time - loved looking around and being nosy! Oh, and tried to steal my coupons the whole time!
May 1st - Really starting to get the hang of picking up and eating puffs. Those fine motor skills are tough stuff! Rocked on his knees for the 1st time. His tooth is officially breaking through!
May 2nd - Had his first french fry at Kerbey Lane while having lunch with his new friend Emmett!
May 10th - Eli’s first time in the pool - he LOVED it! And my first Mother’s Day

Baby Gear Love  (new this month)
Banana Teether - Eli got this teether/toothbrush in his Easter basket and loves to chew on it and wave it around! The “peels” make it easy for him to hold onto

Stacking Balls/Cups - He really likes to play with these stacking ball/cups and loves the yellow smiley face ball!

Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover - This is one of those baby items that I heard mixed reviews on - some people love them and some people say they’re unnecessary. I love it! Since Eli can sit up unassisted now he can sit in the shopping cart and in high chairs and I love being able to put this cover on to protect him from germs. Of course he wants to touch/put his mouth on everything so this covers most of the germy parts!

Silicone Feeder - We have a few mesh feeders but it seems like he’s able to get the fruit out of the silicone one a little better. I like using it because then we don’t have to worry about him choking

Sippy Cups - Nuk - Munchkin - He really likes the cups with handles and is able to drink out of these much easier. The Nuk one makes it where he doesn’t have to tip it quite as much as a regular sippy so it’s been a good transition cup. He also likes chewing on the silicone spout. After he saw (and continually tried to steal) Jaxen’s munchkin cup I bought him one too. He really likes chewing on the spout of this one and the handles make this easier for him to drink out of too!

Indestructibles Books - Eli is a typical 7 month old and is more interested in eating books than reading them. I’ve had my eye on the Indestructibles so he finally got one in his Easter basket. These things are awesome! They are rip/tear/chew/drool proof and he’s able to be as rough as he wants with the book.

Things I Don't Want to Forget
The sound of his little voice when he talks/babbles

How he goes crazy kicking/splashing in the bathtub

Even though he’s rolling all over the place - I don’t want to forget how easy it is to keep tabs on the little guy right now before he starts crawling/walking!

His big smile when you come home after work

How ticklish he is everywhere and the sweet laugh he gives!