Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Long Awaited Gallery Wall

This project has been 6+ months in the making...actually- probably more. Before we moved I decided I wanted to do some sort of gallery wall, but in our old house I was going to have to take something off a wall to do it. When we moved in I decided I wanted to do a gallery wall in the entry way and started collecting frames. Our friend Magan (who took our wonderful family/Christmas card pictures) gave us one of our pictures in a pretty white frame for Christmas which inspired me to do an all white frame gallery wall. Now, if you are trying to decide between black and white frames (or some kind of mix) let me just tell you now that white frames are NOT the easiest thing to come by! It took me a few months but I collected enough frames to get going. 

When I was envisioning this wall I also started envisioning it painted some other color than the tan that's all over the house...then I got ambitious and decided I was going to stencil it! I bought the stencil back in April but was terrified to use it. Before we went on our vacation we (mostly Justin - I am not trusted with paint in this house....or probably outside this house either) painted the wall grey. For some reason, after not sleeping for 26ish hours and then only sleeping for about 5, I thought it was a good idea to get my stencil on. I got about halfway through and needed to clean the stencil and was about to have a nervous breakdown so I decided to quit for the day. I finished on Sunday and it felt SO GOOD to have this part finally done! 


I don't have any before pictures but the wall was just tan - nothing exciting

This is the same Glidden Pebble Grey paint we used in the old house - still love this grey!
Marrakech Trellis Stencil - from Cutting Edge Stencils

Stenciling complete!
Over a month later and after the construction was done in the office/flex rooms I decided it was time to lay out the frames to see if I needed anymore. Magan came over and helped me lay it all out - it was a lot easier than I thought it would be but I'm sure it was because of her help! 

Then I let it sit there for a few weeks before I finally decided that Sunday was the day - I would at least start hanging up the frames. It only took me 30-45 minutes and it was done! I can't believe I waited so long to hang the frames. I am so ridiculously happy with how it turned out that every time I walk by I stop to admire it.

I cut out the paper that the frames came wrapped in to match the size of the frames, marked where I needed to put the whole in the wall and taped them where I wanted to go. The great thing about a gallery wall is if the picture ends up a hair off from where you wanted it - you can't tell!


For the prints for the frames I decided to do a mix of pictures of us (engagement, wedding, family pics), vacation pictures, "T"s, and a canvas with a saying I loved! I ordered the prints from mpix and was super impressed with the speed and quality of all of the pictures! I will definitely be ordering my prints from there from now on. There are some floating cabinets from Ikea that we are going to get to install along this wall and then the hall will be complete...unless I can persuade Justin to let me hang a chandelier here...still working on that one :) Overall, I'm super proud of this project because other than painting the wall solid grey - I did almost all of the work. Feels gratifying to see the finished product :)