Friday, July 12, 2013

Helsinki, Finland

After 2 very busy days in St. Petersburg we decided to just walk around Helsinki and explore on our own. Since it was Sunday a lot of places were closed. We visited the train station - I read an article before I left that it ranked in the top 5 most beautiful in the world. I guess it was nice for a train station but can't hold a candle to Grand Central! We walked over to the Helsinki Cathedral and Justin and I walked up the stairs to see if it was worth going in. They were having a church service so we couldn't but we peeked in the window and it was nothing special - the outside was definitely prettier. Then we headed over to an open air market and did some shopping! Justin and Dad headed back to the boat and Mom, Leslie and I did a little more shopping and then decided to call it a day!

Pretty park in the middle of the city

Train Station
Nerd alert! Free WiFi in the train station?!

Opera House
Helsinki Cathedral

Soo many cobble stones
Pretty view from the market
Great open air market!
Leslie, Dad, Me & Justin
Family time!