Friday, July 5, 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark

Monday morning we got up bright and early and took a cab to the airport. After taking the trains with our luggage to the city we decided a cab would be easier. Our flight was a piece of cake - only about an hour, similar to our flights to Houston or Dallas. Once we arrived & got our luggage we had a little trouble trying to decide which was the train into the city (what we wanted) and which was the "train train." We don't speak Danish - or even know what some of their letters are! Luckily we picked the right one and made it to our hotel in no time. We stayed at the Best Western in the heart of the city - it was a great location - we were able to walk and see everything we wanted to (for the short amount of time we were there).

We were spoiled by our 2 bedroom suite in Switzerland...large rooms are not common in Europe. Our Copenhagen room was much more "normal" - it was smaller than my dorm room in college but perfect for one night!

I kept calling Justin "roomie" :)

Once we dropped our luggage off we decided to look for a place to eat because we were STARVING! We were only a few blocks away from Nyhavn - waterfront/canal/entertainment district of Copenhagen. Monday was a holiday in Copenhagen so there were TONS of people on the canal here with "futbol" jerseys on celebrating with cases of beer & fireworks. We found a cute little restaurant to eat at right on the canal in the middle of all the action. We were having some trouble figuring out the interest rate but finally figured out when we were done that we had $22 hamburgers! Did I mention Copenhagen is the most expensive city in Europe right now??

Nyhavn Waterfront - So beautiful!
After lunch we continued to explore the city.

Pretty building
Amalienborg Palace 

Marble Church

Beautiful inside!
Then we continued onto Rosenborg Palace. The grounds are now a huge park and there were tons of people hanging out on the grass.

The royal family used to live here but now it is a museum that houses the crown jewels

Not really sure what the heck is going on with this!
We walked back by Nyhavn and the weather was so much prettier than at lunch!
We were pretty tired after trekking around the city (and I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before, thanks jetlag!) so we went back to the hotel and napped. After our nap we decided to go to Tivoli Gardens. An amusement park built in the 1800s - it was Walt Disney's inspiration for Disneyland! It was a little over a mile from our hotel all through the pedestrian shop/restaurant walkway. Most everything was closed (due to holiday) but it was a nice little walk.

Long pedestrian walkway

Tivoli Gardens
So many pretty lights/decorations
Very interesting architecture also
TONS of pretty flowers!

Lots of games & places to eat 
This reminds me of EPCOT!

Justin & his beer
Justin's Dinner
Dad and his LARGE beer!
Pretty flower!
One of the many rides...I so wanted to do this but it was too cold for me
Interesting little building with flowers (and a peacock!) on top
Lots of fountains

My dinner...they have AMAZING ice cream in Denmark!
Family pic!
The next morning after breakfast we headed over to the ship! The weather was not nice - rainy/foggy so I didn't take any pictures. We had a great first night and SEA DAY on Tuesday. We definitely needed the R&R after being on the go. Of course I woke up Tuesday morning with some major sinus stuff going on and ended up sleeping most of the day. Had to rest up since we had 5 busy touring days ahead of us before our next sea day!