Tuesday, April 2, 2013

iPhone Picture Dump - March

After my last photo-a-day post in February I decided to stop doing it. It was fun and I did it for a year but it was starting to be stressful to remember to take a picture everyday because there is so much going on right now! Instead of doing photo-a-day from now on I'm going to do occasional iPhone picture dumps. They will be more "relevant" pictures of what's going on in our lives!

My sweet cuddle bugs!
Miss Audrey's 2nd birthday party!
Siamese beagles??
Bold new ankle pants! Love me some bright colors :)
Concerned little Lexie in Schulenburg
After Beth's wedding

St. Patrick's Day margaritas!
mmm...chocolate bunny sample from target
These dogs are EXHAUSTED after a weekend in the country!
Sweet baby Colton has arrived! (3 days old here)
I volunteered at the Dell tent at the rodeo on a very windy day!
We went to Houston to visit Tyler & Kristin - and of course Clancey!
Some more sleepy dogs
Before the electric run

Hunters glowing too :)
Lexie is skeptical

My new cookbook! Super excited about it!