Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rodeo Austin - Eli Young Band

This Monday Justin and I went to the rodeo with Melanie & Scott (friends from Justin's work) to see Eli Young Band. Pretty sure I've expressed my love for Eli on here before...we've seen them the last 4 years at the rodeo (Austin & SA). This year they were at the rodeo on a Monday night which was sort of a bummer because the concert started very close to our bedtime but it's okay - we pushed through :) 

We were a little late arriving because when we were like 5 minutes away Justin asked if I had the tickets and I did did that even happen?! If you know me then you know this is very unlike me! We took the toll road back to Pflugerville and met my mom at Walgreens and then took the toll road back to 290. It only took an extra 15 minutes (not bad! Thank you 80 MPH speed limit) but once we got there the tickets were lost AGAIN! We finally found them in between my seat and console. Poor Scott & Melanie - they'll probably never want to go anywhere with us again!!

When we got to the rodeo we headed over to the rides (Justin and I have never ventured on that side of the rodeo!) to meet up with Scott's sister and her husband. His sister's husband was waiting for Melanie to ride an extremely scary looking ride called "Power!" After Melanie's terrifying ride we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed into the arena just in time for the concert!

We really enjoyed the concert - it wasn't one of their best but it brings back so many great memories that it's always good:)

Justin and I split these delicious potato fries!
Fun Monday date night!
Eli Young Band!
I have 2 more trips to the rodeo in store for me in the next week. I'm going with my mom and Leisa and her daughter Molly on Tuesday to see Three Dog Night. The original plan was for my parents to go with Leisa and Gregg but my dad is going to be in California for work so Gregg decided to opt out and have Molly go and make it a girls night! Pretty sure the only song I know by them is Joy to the World but I know we will have fun! Then, next Thursday I am volunteering at the rodeo at the Dell tent! Hopefully my allergies don't take over like they did last year and I'm able to make it to all my rodeo commitments :)