Friday, March 1, 2013

February Photo-a-Day Part II

Day 15: Inside Your Fridge
Lots of yummy food!

Day 16: Perfect
Absolutely perfect weather for a walk around Lake Pflugerville with the dogs!

Day 17: In  Your Hand
Lots of paint on/in my hand! So excited about our new bathroom!

Day 18: Something You Don't Like
Having to work instead of playing with this little guy

Day 19: I Am...
Working from home #nomakeup

Day 20: Where You Stood
I stood at the sink preparing/cleaning up from dinner

Day 21: Full
Full after a yummy lunch in the Mission district SF

Day 22: Makes You Smile
Wine tasting in Napa Valley makes me smile BIG

Day 23: A Word
ZOO! Such a fun trip to the SF Zoo

Day 24: Cloud
Barely any clouds at Pier 39

Day 25: On Your Bedside Table
Lots of owls...of course

Day 26: Quiet
Quiet night with Justin, the dogs & my iPad :)

Day 27: Playing
Hunter & Lexie playing with their new "Woofie Cushions"

Day 28: Upside Down
Upside down...I've got nothing so here are some upside down dogs!