Monday, April 22, 2013

Maine - Old Orchard Beach & Portland Headlight

The first weekend of April my parents, Justin and I headed up to Portland, Maine to attend my grandfather's memorial service (he passed away in January and this was this first weekend all the kids/grandkids could make it up there). Since it's so difficult for us to get up to Maine and our jobs allow us personal time - we were able to take a couple days off to enjoy Maine and my family a little bit longer. We had amazingly beautiful weather while we were there - it was colder than normal but that was a-okay with these Texans since we were gypped out of a winter this year.

*All the pictures in this post (with the exception of the first 3 instagram photos) are straight from my camera unedited*

Thursday morning we stopped my grandma's and dropped my dad off to do some memorial preparations. My dad and I picked up Italian Sandwiches on the way for breakfast since I had been in Maine since 10pm Wed night and was itching for an Italian!

Breakfast of champions!
 My mom, Justin and I headed up to Freeport to go to L.L. Beans and do some other outlet shopping. 

Only picture I have from Freeport - I was more focused on shopping than taking pics :)
After we finished shopping we went back to Portland and picked up my dad and grandma and headed out to Old Orchard Beach to grab lunch. In the summer this is THE place to be and is apparently extremely busy. Most of the restaurants/shops weren't open for the season yet so it was just a little sleepy ocean-side town. We got pizza and pier fries for lunch - healthy right?! Pier fries are krinkle cut french fries with vinegar on top. They might not sound good but they are delish!

Lisa's Pizza

Ketchup dispenser in the wall?! Can we get one of these at home??
Enjoying our lunch

Mmm...Pier Fries!
After we finished our lunch we walked over to the beach - it was beautiful!

Pretty sand  & water - too bad it's so COLD!

Mimi & Dad
Dad & Mom! It was their 27th Anniversary! They told me to snap a picture so I could use it for their next anniversary party ;)
Me & Justin
Mimi & Me
Hmm boots in the sand at the beach - something is wrong with this pic!
After spending some time on the beach we hopped back into the car and drove by the first place my grandparents met! Then we headed over to Portland headlight. We went there back in 2010 during Justin's first trip to Maine but it was an overcast day. It was too perfect of a day NOT to go out there this time!

Up next: Ogunquit & Kennebunkport