Thursday, February 16, 2012

San Antonio Rodeo | Keith Urban | Riverwalk

This past weekend we took a little overnight trip with Michael & Christine (you remember them from San Diego, right?) to San Antonio to go to the rodeo to see....drum roll please...Keith Urban!! I have seen Keith Urban in concert twice and both times he was AH-mazing! So back in November when I got an e-mail from his fan club (duh) that he was going to be at the SA rodeo I jumped on the opportunity to see him again. We decided to make an overnight trip of it because what could be more fun that the rodeo & the Riverwalk in one day??

We started out our trip with a little detour once we got to San Antonio to go to Earl of Sandwich. My parents went to the one at Downtown Disney and highly recommended it. I was disappointed when I looked them up and the only ones in Texas are in SA (3 locations) and Sugarland. When we decided to make Keith Urban happen...we also decided to make Earl of Sandwich happen. Michael, Christine, Justin and I have decided that when we travel together we must go to a fun sandwich shop since we went to Boudin Bakery in San Diego and now EoS.

Earl of Sandwich!!

Justin & Michael with their sandwiches

Christine & I with our sandwiches
After our lunch break we headed over to the rodeo where we sat in traffic for probably 30 minutes before we decided to just pay $15 to park instead of $10 (if you know me then you know that ticked me off!). Anyways, once we got to the rodeo we went into the rodeo shops and walked around for a while before we went into the rodeo for the concert.

San Antonio Rodeo!

Perfect weather!

Me & Justin...ready to rodeo!
Christine & Michael

I don't have any pictures of the actual rodeo but I took a lot of pictures/videos of Keith Urban. We were literally at the top row of the AT&T center...but it was still wonderful and I loved every second of it!
Our view from the TOP
For his last song he went into the audience and sang and then signed his guitar and gave it to someone. OMG I would die! I would say the rodeo was a success and next time Keith Urban is in Texas (Dallas, Austin, Houston, SA) I will be going to see him!!

After the concert we headed over to our hotel at the Riverwalk. We stayed at Embassy Suites and wanted to make sure we got there in time to take advantage of their manager's reception...aka free drinks for 2 hours. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't have any pictures from the rest of our trip but we had a great time (Christine and I had a realllly great time ha) at the Riverwalk. After our drinks we ended up at Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. We headed back to the hotel and went to bed. The next morning we had our cooked to order breakfast and then headed back to Austin. It was a fantastic weekend and I look forward to the next one!!

This is only the first of my THREE rodeo posts this year. We are going to the Austin rodeo twice in March so those posts will be coming soon :)