Monday, February 27, 2012

Snapshot Sunday

I was starting to feel some separation anxiety from not using my camera in a long time. When the weather is cold/dreary/rainy like it has been the past couple of weeks (months), I am really unmotivated to take my camera out because I feel that there is nothing worthy of capturing. I know this isn't true but I am just looking forward to the green grass, pretty flowers, and sunshine that spring brings...or should bring! I took the rebel out today and took some pictures of my always sure-thing doggies! They definitely wanted to play more than pose but I think I still got some pretty good shots.

Hunter snuck duckie outside to play with

Lexie checking out the noise through the fence

So serious

Only shot I got of the pair today...a little distracted

Couldn't he just be a model?!

Some playtime

My sweet girl "free kisses"
I'm looking forward to spring weather and more camera adventures!!