Saturday, November 14, 2015

Eli Parker | One Year Old!


22lbs 13 oz (50th percentile)
30.75 inches (82nd percentile)

Size 3 during the day & Size 4 at night. We are near the end of our stock of size 3 so we will try 4s during the day when we run out
Clothing Size
A few of his 9 month onesies & 6-12 month shirts/shorts but mostly 12-18 month clothes.
E parks, Partalarts, Eli Eli Oh, ET, Sweet Boy, Little Man, Parts, E-machine, Partner, Parks, Party part parts
Eli was a pretty healthy dude this month! Nothing crazy to report (thank goodness)!
Sleep has been good this month (knock on wood). Eli goes down around 7pm and wakes up between 5:30-6:30am. No night wakings this month. Naptime is a different story. Sometimes he takes a solid 2-2.5 hour nap and sometimes it’s a 45 minute cat nap. He’s down to 1 nap a day around 12:30pm during the week at daycare. We try to keep him on the same schedule during the weekends but sometimes he ends up taking about an hour morning nap and 1.5 hour afternoon nap.
Eli will eat {almost} anything for Ms. Leslie at daycare! Peer pressure maybe? Eating for mom and dad is a different story! He’s not a huge breakfast eater. He likes taking sips of mom’s chocolate protein shakes. He usually has multiple helpings of lunch at daycare (little piggy) and an afternoon snack. This is the order we attempt food at dinner time: meat, pouch, fruit, yogurt. Some nights he packs away the food and some nights he grazes. He is loving pears/peaches/apples this month. He’s not as big of a fan of grapes this month - I think he’s burned out on them. He seemed to really like kiwi but ended up with a major diaper rash so I’ve been gun shy on giving him more in case that’s what it was from. When he doesn’t like something he will spit it out and hand it to us - thanks buddy! He claps for more (close to the sign for more). Still tries to feed the dogs occasionally and thinks it’s OH so funny!
Lovey & pacifier in his crib
Rolling around on the floor with his blanket
Ball pit
Being outside
Hunter & Lexie
Pushing buttons
TV remote/iPhones/laptops
Being kept inside when the dogs are let out
Getting dressed after baths
Diaper changes
Being told no
When you close the fridge & freezer
September 17th - Took 2 unassisted steps (@ daycare)
September 24th - Drank cows milk for the first time - doesn’t seem to have an issue with it!
September 28th - Napped on a mat for the 1st time @ daycare! This is one proud (and surprised) mama!
October 10th - Eli’s 1st First birthday party & first time having cake/sweets. He was a fan of sticking his finger in the icing and trying to put the sprinkles back on the cake :)
October 11th - Eli “ran” his 1st 5K - aka was pushed in the stroller by mom & dad!
October 14th - Eli’s first birthday - how is this kid ONE already?!
Baby Gear Love  (new this month)
Wagon - We’ve only had this for a few days but he seems to really like the wagon! He sits in it like such a big boy and just looks around as you pull him.
Things I Don't Want to Forget His excited noise that comes from his throat, especially when he gets excited when he sees his puppies!
Before he started walking - he would crawl around the house with his toys in his mouth - I think he’s part puppy!
The wobbly-mummy like walk when he is first learning to walk
The sweet hugs he’s starting to give
Snuggle time during & after our morning and night nursing sessions
When we say “Show us your tongue!” and he sticks his tongue out - so cute!
Finally raises his arms when we ask “How big is Eli?!”