Thursday, September 24, 2015

Eli Parker...Eleven Months


Weight Not sure - probably 22-23ish lbs

Ha - Like I could measure his height myself!

Size 3 in daytime & size 4 in nighttime

Clothing Size
Still fits into a handful of his 9 month onesies & shorts but mostly in 12-18 months

E parks, Partalarts, Eli Eli Oh, ET, Sweet Boy, Little Man, Parts, E-machine, Partner, Parks, Party part parts

He started out the month with a cold and got sick while we were on vacation at the end of the month. We thought he had altitude sickness since we went from Denver-Colorado Springs-Keystone within 36 hours. He was pretty cranky and kept getting a high fever. Both are signs of altitude sickness but hard to tell if it was actually altitude sickness since babies can be cranky for no reason and the fever could be teething related. It’s probably a good thing I was never able to get a temperature read from him because I think it would have freaked me out since we weren’t home. We kept up with tylenol/ibuprofen to control the fever but you could tell he just didn’t feel well. Cuddling with mom on the couch?! I felt bad for the little guy but soaked up all the cuddle time. A few days after we got home he ended up with a little rash all over his body and after some googling (and mommy-friend consulting) we think he actually had roseola and not altitude sickness. I was actually pretty happy about this because we are going back to Colorado in February and I was worried we’d have the same issue all over again! Other than his cold and virus - he was mostly healthy - other than the standard runny nose going around daycare.

He was a pretty good sleeper this month (other than when we were on vacation & he was sick and sharing a room with us at night). Once again, a few days here and there of night wakings but more sleeping through the night than not. He tends to wake up between 5:45-6:30am most days and has pretty much ditched his morning nap (at least when he’s at daycare). He goes down around 12:30 and naps for 1.5-2 hours. He goes to bed around 7pm. On the weekends we try to stick to a close schedule but sometimes has a morning and afternoon nap rather than only one.

This kid eats like a champ at daycare. It seems like Ms. Leslie can get him to eat (almost) anything, peer pressure maybe?! For example, he will eat cheddar puffs for her but at home he throws them on the ground ha. He’s hit or miss when mom and dad feed him. He breastfeeds when he wakes up and before bedtime and drinks milk out of his sippy cups during the day. Most days he only drinks 6-8oz of milk from his sippy - he’s just not interested. He loves, and I mean LOVES fruit. This month it’s been all about the grapes and blueberries. He’s hit or miss with meat and seems to be ditching the purees. He doesn’t like being fed anymore - he wants to do it himself. He will more willing eat purees out of the pouch since he can feed himself.

The dogs
His car paci
Opening/closing/playing in our bathroom drawers
Opening/closing doors
“Walking” with our help
Playing with blankets

Having his diaper changed (especially after bathtime)
Getting dressed
Being spoon fed
Sitting still on a plane
Being told no

August 21st - First time finger painting (at daycare) and somehow didn’t end up with it all over himself!
August 30th - Stood without holding onto anything
August 31st - Eli’s first day of full time daycare
September 3rd - 1st “ouch report” from daycare - got a nice little knot on his forehead

*Can easily pull up and walk along furniture
*Claps when he wants more food (close to the sign for “more”)
*Waves bye

Baby Gear Love  (new this month)
Fisher Price & StoryBots iPhone Apps - When we are traveling we will resort to pretty much anything to keep him happy and entertained. I put one of these apps on and put my phone in guided access mode and he’s pretty content for a while - and can’t mess up anything on my phone!

Infantino Balls/Mini Beach Balls - He has really started to like any type of ball. He’s learning how to throw and thinks it’s so fun. One of his favorites are the mini beach balls I incorrectly ordered from amazon. I thought they were going to be twice the size but when I got them they were tiny! It worked out because they are perfect for his little hands. He also has a set of infantino balls he loves to throw and chase all over the floor.

Blankets - He is starting to like blankets to play picaboo with and roll all over the floor. He loves his Aiden & Anais blankets in the car. They are great because they are so light weight. He loves our super soft/fluffy blankets we keep in the living room - he rolls all around the floor with them - it’s hilarious!

A&M Bear Lovey - He sleeps with his wubbanub and lovey. It’s really cute to watch him on the monitor while he cuddles with his lovey - so sweet!

Things I Don't Want to Forget
He thinks it is SO funny when he sneezes. We say “bless you!” and he gets the biggest smile on his face. It’s so darn cute

I don’t think it will be long before he’s walking on his own. He loves to hold our hands and cruise around. I also love watching him cruise along furniture.

It might not hold his interest long - but boy does his face light up when Little Einsteins or Mickey Mouse club comes on.

He randomly starts crawling with his face down - like he’s going to bulldoze things. Sometimes he runs straight into something (like the entertainment center or Hunter).

Still not saying a lot of words but says ma-ma-ma & da-da-da. Bye. Mouths pup-pups.