Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Outside Light Reno

There are a handful of cosmetic things that we knew wanted to change before we even moved into the house. One of those being the horribly ugly outside garage light! It was setup on a sensor and a few months after we moved in the other bulb went out (only one was working when we moved in). We knew we wanted to replace the fixture so rather than spending money replacing the light bulb we just stuck it out. 

We were putting off this project for 2 reasons. One - We had no idea how to replace a light fixture. Two - The placement of the fixture is so low that we had to make sure that we bought a light that went up rather than hung down. Easier said than done.

One day we were at Lowes and saw this fixture and decided it was time to tackle this project! I'm super proud of Justin for doing this all by himself...well, he needed my strong arms to hold up the fixture while he screwed them in! haha

Can you say U-G-L-Y??


We also replaced the entry way light so they matched.

Another part of the project was the fact that the owners only had one light put outside the garage (instead of 1 on each side). My dad encouraged Justin that this was a project they could tackle in no time! For our anniversary my parents gave use a Lowe's gift card so we could purchase the other light :) I fully intended on at least somewhat documenting the process of installing a light where there was no light before but Justin, my dad, and his friend Mark ended up installing the light while I was getting my hair done so I only have after pictures! That's okay - pretty sure I would have been lost with all that electrical stuff anyways!

The Finished Product! We finally have symmetry!