Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding in New Hampshire!

We got home from Mexico on Sunday and the next Friday Justin and I were back at the airport to fly up to New Hampshire for my cousins wedding! Our flight left at 4pm Friday and we didn't get into Manchester, NH until 11:30pm so we were pretty exhausted once we got there. We took the shuttle to the hotel and met my parents (who we hadn't seen in a week and a half!) and went to bed. Saturday morning we had breakfast in the hotel with my parents and their friends Mark & Diana (who were in Maine with my parents all week). I was lucky enough to have an Italian sandwich my parents brought me (un-assembled so it wouldn't be gross) so I was a super happy camper!

The 4 of us got on the road around 10 and drove up to Weirs Beach at Lake Winnipesaukee and took some pictures before continuing onto Meredith to see where the wedding was going to be and have lunch. We ate at Hart's Turkey Farm and it was SO GOOD! Justin said it was a good thing we don't live close because he would want to eat there ALL the time.

You can take a train ride along the coast

After lunch we took a brief stop at the Annalee outlet store...I got the cutest little thanksgiving dog!

How CUTE is he??

After going to the hotel and changing we drove back to Meredith for the wedding. It was such a pretty location! I didn't take too many pictures but the wedding was beautiful and we had so much fun. It was really good to see family - I wish we all lived closer!!

The ceremony overlooked Lake Winnipesaukee
The beautiful bride & groom! Lindsay & Wes
Pretty centerpieces!
Look at the adorable favors! Her dad cut them from trees in their yard (aka forest)
Althea & Bruno on the dance floor!
They were definitely the best dancers there!
The only picture we took at the wedding - oops!
Our flight was at 5pm from Boston so we had the morning/afternoon to do something. We decided on going to Salem and went to the Salem Witch Museum! It was super interesting! (You couldn't take any pictures inside)

After the museum we went over to the House of Seven Gables (we didn't go into the museum - just took some pictures outside).

Check out this old house!
So old!
Pretty view on the water

Even though our trip was super short it was really fun and I'm so glad we went. The weather was AMAZING! The highs were cooler than our lows right now. I can't WAIT until we get some cooler temps and fall weather. Justin's ready to move to New Hampshire - uh oh! I just can't wait for our next New England trip - it's so pretty there!