Monday, September 9, 2013

New Floors = NO MORE CARPET!

When Justin and I bought this house one of the things we loved was all of the tile in the kitchen/living room/bathrooms/hallways, etc. We did not love the carpet in the bedrooms/office/flex room and we knew it was the first big project we wanted to tackle. At the end of July we were finally ready to get rid of all that carpet - about 1100 square feet! The before pictures are from right after we moved in so things look a lot different now in some of these rooms (thank goodness!) The color we chose is Hickory Mocha and we LOVE it! We chose a 12mm laminate rather than the 8mm we used in the old house and it is SO much better! So quiet and feels more like real wood (without the scratches and upkeep)!


I so miss those awesome window treatments...NOT
Our closet
Guest Room
Guest room 2
Flex Room


We finally finished painting our bedroom a few weeks ago (we started the project in Feb...oops!) We also added crown molding in here!

Our next "big" project is the flex room which is going to be my new office. My desk is on back order (ugh) but I'm putting the room together in my head right now!