Thursday, August 22, 2013

Houston Museum & Zoo - Neighbor Trip!

This past Saturday we took a mini weekend trip to Houston with Michael & Christine. Christine and I found a groupon to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see their Egypt exhibit and both have a nerdy love of museums so decided to jump on it! We left Saturday morning and only made a brief lunch stop at Chick-Fil-A before arriving at the museum. Included in our museum admission was also planetarium tickets so we chose the Stars of the Pharaohs show. It was really neat (even though I had trouble keeping my eyes open since you're practically laying down in the dark). The museum is also housing a Faberge exhibit that I wanted to see after learning about it in Russia. There were tons of pretty jewels/eggs/cigarette cases/fans/etc. It was really cool to see these people/places we talked about on our trip back in May.

Tiara (1895)
Imperial Diamond Trellis Egg (1891) Gift from Tsar Alexander III to Tsarina Maria Feodorovna on Easter 1892
More beautiful eggs
Pretty sure Christine was in heaven at the Egypt exhibit :) Lots of cool artifacts.

SO creepy!
Replica of the Rosetta Stone (Original is at the British Museum in London)
After we finished in Egypt we took a stroll over to the dinosaurs and terrifying ancient sea creatures.

The Hall of Gems is still one of my favorite exhibits! They are SO pretty and fascinating to look at.

After the museum we headed over to the hotel - Embassy Suites Downtown and rested up before happy hour. We weren't sure if we could top our happy hour experience from last time when we were in San Antonio but I think I'd have to say we were successful! We enjoyed our free drinks/snacks and walked over to Guadalajara for dinner. This is the only picture I have from the entire night...but maybe that's a good thing ;)

Delish mango/strawberry margarita
Saturday morning we were up bright and early considering our night (although we were in bed by 10pm so I take that back)! We got ready and packed up and headed over to the zoo. We got there right before it opened and the weather was actually fairly nice (considering it's August in Houston). 

Sea lions!
We headed straight to the "Lego Zoo" before it got infested with kids. These things were incredible!

Pretty zoo flower
Michael tried out the Hurricane Simulator
Creepy owl!
Creepy bald eagle!
I'm driving a boat!
Christine and I are prairie dogs!
A tad bit hard to stand up

My hand is smaller than a gorilla's hand
Smaller than a human hand too :(
Check out those horns!
and tigers...
and somehow we missed the bears...

After the zoo we piled back into the car and headed to Grub Burger Bar at CityCentre. Michael and Christine had never eaten at Grub in College Station so we took this opportunity to try it and it did not disappoint. SO good! Anyone in the Houston/College Station area should go!

We had a great trip with Michael and Christine but it was definitely too short - hopefully the next one is a little longer :)