Friday, May 3, 2013

Guest Bathroom Cabinet Refinish!

When Justin and I bought this house we knew there were several updating projects we wanted to take on - from cleaning/painting baseboards to re-doing floors/cabinets. Don't get me wrong - everything in the house is in wonderful condition, it's just not all our style. 

We have been tossing the idea of staining the cabinets but hadn't made the leap to do it yet. I found the Rust-oleum Transformation Kit for half price at home depot and we decided to give it a go! We chose the guest bathroom as a trial to see if doing the kitchen ourselves was actually feasible or not.

Before I get to the before/after pics - here is a quick recap of the process and what we thought of it. 

 *4 Easy Steps*
Bond Coat
Decorative Glaze
Protective Top Coat

The drying time between each step is what caused the process to take so long (varied from 2-3 hours to 8 hours). Also having to do each step on the front/back of the cabinet doors. The prep with taping was also a little time consuming but not too bad.

I would totally recommend this kit to anyone wanting to update their cabinets. We were going from light to dark but I imagine if you're going from dark to light it could take more coats and be a little more time consuming. We were a little worried we might kill each other doing this but we ended up having a ton of fun and can't wait to do more house projects together! We have decided we will do our kitchen ourselves but I think it's going to be slightly really overwhelming so we will start that after vacation! Here are our cabinets in Espresso!

Prep finished
Cabinet doors after de-glossing
First bond coat
After the decorative glaze
Finished product!

Obsessed with the hardware!

Love love love!