Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Eli Parker...Fifteen Months

Even though I decided not to continue on with Eli's monthly blog post updates - I thought it would be fun if I did them every once in a while when he has his well checks. This guy just had his fifteen month well check...I'm not sure how that's even possible! No chair picture this month...although the little guy loves sitting & climbing on it!

Fifteen Months

24lbs 15 oz (56th percentile)

32 inches (80th percentile)

Size 4 during the day & Size 5 at night.

Clothing Size
Mostly 12-18 months. Some of his 9 month shirts still fit (they’re more like belly shirts) and occasionally he’ll wear 24 months/2T...18 months is the go to size right now though!

E, Sweet Boy, Little Man, Parts, Party Parts, E-machine, Partner, Petey Pablo, Petey Pabs, Petey Pablito, Mr. Tetas

Sleep has been pretty good these last few months so that means it’s probably time for another regression. Eli goes down around 7pm and wakes up between 5:30-6:30am. He cries out randomly at night but we don’t have to go in there - I don’t know if he’s dreaming or awake but he is able to self soothe back to sleep. Napping is the same ol story...Sometimes he takes a solid 2-2.5 hour nap and sometimes it’s a 45 minute cat nap. He’s down to 1 nap a day around 12:30pm during the week at daycare. We try to keep him on the same schedule during the weekends but sometimes he ends up taking about an hour morning nap and 1.5 hour afternoon nap.

Eating is pretty much the same story also - just with a changing food preference each hour, day, week, etc. He will eat {almost} anything for Ms. Leslie at daycare! Peer pressure maybe? Eating for mom and dad is a different story! He’s not a huge breakfast eater. Justin and I have started drinking smoothies in the morning with protein powder and Eli LOVES them! He usually has multiple helpings of lunch at daycare (little piggy) and an afternoon snack. I guess I should say all day snack - this kid is a snacker! For dinner we pretty much stick to the same routine although we’ve given up on pushing too much meat. Right now he’s into ravioli & meatballs so that’s our go-to...or waffles ha! We’ve stopped giving him pouches for the most part because he’s just not interested in eating them, just squeezing them onto his tray. He will attempt to eat yogurt/applesauce with a spoon and his hands so when he’s already a mess mom lets him have that! Some nights he packs away the food and some nights he grazes. He went through a blueberry phase and then a mandarin orange phase. Right now he’s loving peaches and sometimes grapes. We are having some challenges with him throwing food & his cups/plates/utensils so that’s a daily struggle. Unfortunately it’s not when he’s done - anytime is fair game! He signs for more (sometimes he still claps) and shakes his head no when we ask if he’s all done (this one took us a while to figure out).

Being outside
Hunter & Lexie
Pushing buttons
TV remote/iPhones/laptops
Truck & ride on toys
Brushing his teeth

Being kept inside when the dogs are let out
Getting dressed after baths
Diaper changes
Being told no
Having the toothbrush taken away

October 25th - E’s first family reunion in Schulenburg
October 31st - First time trick or treating...Pebbles & Bam Bam were adorbs!
November 14th - Second haircut
December 7th - First beach experience @ Castaway Cay
December 9th - First fireworks experience (didn’t cry like mom did when she was little)
December 12th - Can open doors & close himself in rooms
January 1st - First object flushed down the toilet
January 11th - First day on whole milk (rather than breast milk) at daycare

*No longer uses the paci (we took it away around Christmas and he had zero issues…*phew*!)
*Sits at the kids table for meals at daycare (rather than high chair)
*Has 4 top teeth, 4 bottom teeth & 2 molars

Baby Gear Love
Safety 1st Toilet Locks - E loves to open & close the toilet lid and first thing on New Year's Day he flushed his first thing down the toilet so it was time for locks! I have a love/hate relationship with these because hello, they are a pain! but not having to call an expensive plumber is a win in my book.

Door Monkey - My mom found these on amazon and they are AMAZING! They are perfect for interior doors that you want to keep closed - or almost closed. These keep the doors about 2 inches open but the kiddos can’t open or close (their little fingers) them but they are super easy for adults to use and require no drilling/installation.

Boon Bath Pipes - Pretty much any bath toy is a hit with this kid but he’s really loving these bath pipes and it’s helping him with his coordination while trying to pour water in them!

Harness - Judge away but if we let E loose in public the kid needs a harness. He has one similar to the link but it’s a puppy. He doesn’t mind wearing it and loves to play/cuddle with it in the car when it’s not on him!

Hannah Anderson Shoes - It took a few different sizes to get the right ones but I looove these shoes! It’s sometimes hard finding cute boys shoes but these are adorable!

Boon Stuffed Animal Storage Bag - So this is another one that’s more of a mom love right now but it’s a big zipper bag that holds stuffed animals. When it’s full it’s like a pillow/seat. Of course this kid has quite a few stuffed animals (which is the bane of Justin’s existence) but this is a good way to contain a lot of them!

Little Tikes Picnic Table - So E isn’t quite ready to sit and eat a whole meal at the picnic table but he likes the idea of it and of course likes climbing on it. It’s great when we have other littles over so they have a place to sit!

Little Tikes Lawn Mower - E loves pushing/pulling this toy around everywhere. Grandma is in trouble because she didn’t know it makes popping noises. So this is on the E loves mom & dad not so sure list!

Things I Don't Want to Forget

The completely wet hugs (accompanied with pats on the back) fresh out of the bath tub.

When he says banana

His first Disney cruise experience - so many great memories!

When he says “bye” with a southern twang or “buh-bye”

His kisses = putting his open mouth on you

Giving his Mickey Mouse Christmas ornament kisses

His attempt at a fish face

Running around with his arms behind him