Friday, March 20, 2015

Eli Parker...Five Months

Five Months

18.2lbs (ish - on our home scale) Length
Not sure Diapers
Still rocking size 2 Clothing Size
At the beginning of the month we were still putting him in 3 month onesies to get a couple more wears out of these outfits but by the end of the month he is in 6 months. For pjs he’s in 6-9 months and even some of those are getting too short (but still big around the middle). Nicknames
E-man, E machine, E monster, Eli Eli oh, ET, little man, little boy, sweet boy, vamps (he dislikes the sun), Mr. Crankpants reappeared right after I wrote last months blogpost Health
Eli continues to be a very healthy little boy and we are SO thankful. His blocked tear duct has cleared up for the most part. His only struggle this month has been with teething. His bottom tooth is still trying to break through and he is chewing on just about everything. His thumb and our fingers seem to be the chew toys of choice. Sleep
I knew I would jinx myself last month admitting that he was sleeping so well. The last part of this month he has started waking about twice to eat during the night. Usually about an hour-hour and a half after he goes down and then about midnight. I’m not sure how much of it is hunger vs teething pain but if nursing gives him comfort that’s what he gets! We had one night where he was up every 2 hours and I don’t know how you moms do that every night, props to you! Hopefully he gets back on track - whether this is the dreaded 4 month sleep regression or teething pain - or just a baby being a baby. Eating
Not much has changed on the eating front this month. He still continues to eat about every 2.5-3 hours during the day and takes a bottle in the evening. He’s had a few bottle strikes this month but nothing terrible. He has gotten very difficult to bottle feed in general because he gets SO distracted. He is one curious/nosy little dude. We plan to introduce solids sometime between 5 & 6 months so eating is about to get a lot more fun/messy! Loves
Sophie the giraffe
Watching Hunter & Lexie play
Sticking out his tongue
Jumping in his jumperoos
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Collar bone tickles
Walks in his stroller Dislikes
Direct sunlight - lucky for Eli it has been so dreary all month - but hopefully with this nicer weather we can turn this dislike into a like by next month (and stop calling him vamps!)!
Being left alone while playing Milestones
February 15th - First night in his own room (in his bassinet)
February 17th - 4 month check up & mom gave him a bottle for the first time!
February 20th - First roadtrip to Tyelr & Kristin’s (and 1st road trip over 1.5 hrs)
February 21st - Asked Uncle Tyler & Aunt Kristin to be Eli’s Godparents - they said yes :)
February 22nd - Slept in his crib for the first time at night & walked in a walker for the first time (backwards - but still!)
February 27th - Rolled over from back to tummy for the 1st time
March 3rd - Officially rolling and can’t be left unattended!
March 14th - Met some of his 2nd cousins - Aaron & Alyssa! He loved them!! Baby Gear Love  (new this month)
Sophie - We have given him his Sophie teether before but he never paid too much attention to it. Within the last two weeks this has been one of his favorite things to chomp on!

Crinkle Paper from Marley’s Monsters Etsy Shop - Such a simple toy but boy does he love it. It’s just 2 pieces of fabric with crinkle stuff inside (think of the stuff inside dog toys)

Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle Warmer - This actually isn’t a new love, we’ve been using it since he was about a month old but I forgot to mention it previously. It’s a thermos you fill with hot water and a giant cup to pour the hot water in. You stick the bottle in the warmer water and it heats it up on the go, so convenient!

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace (Art of Cure on Amazon) - I say this is a love but I’m not really sure yet. We have gotten better about consistently putting his necklace on everyday but I don’t seem to notice it helping his teething pain much. At least it’s cute! Things I Don't Want to Forget
The second half of this month Eli seemed to change overnight. He started really following us/things with his eyes, turning his head when we say his name and reaching/grabbing and putting things into his mouth.

Unless he is tired enough to fall asleep he does not like to sit in your lap very long. You can walk around with him all day and he’d be happy.

How happy he is when you get him up in the morning and after naps. He gives you the biggest smile and and pulls his fists into his chest because he’s so excited, it’s so sweet!