Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Time @ The Trojacek's!

Life has been crazy busy in the Trojacek household these last few months! As much as I loved our fall decorations we were so ready to decorate the new house for Christmas! We started decorating the weekend before Thanksgiving and finished up the weekend after. We realized that more square feet = more room for Christmas decorations = happy Katie & Justin! Here's a little tour of our festive house.

I made this wreath on a whim since I usually have a fresh one but didn't order one this year. The happy holidays is a throwback from our Christmas card pictures 2 years ago!
Our Christmas tree!!
So many fun ornaments. Decorating the tree is so fun, I love to see all the ornaments we've collected from places we've been and things we love. It's a little walk down memory lane each year!

My nesting dolls I got in Russia! They were too cute to pass up

Loving all of the vintage signs we found

A glimpse of our new 70" tv :)
This silly strand of lights in the powder room is one of my favorite holiday touches around the house!

Christmas Village is back and has a new home!!
I'm very excited we decided to buy these new cabinets before Christmas because it's the perfect place for our Christmas village and fits them perfectly!

I was so excited to hang my owl canvas I got last year
I finally have an owl tree!! All my owl ornaments contained in one place :)

New dining room table set :)

This is probably my favorite "new" decoration in the house this year. I was trying to think of a creative way to display all of the Christmas cards we get and thought of "wrapping" the cabinets. I'd love to put ribbon on all of the cabinets but I think it would be a pain on ones we use often.

So there you have it! The Trojacek house all decked out for Christmas!