Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our Journey to Zurich, Switzerland!

I can't believe that we have already been home over almost 3 weeks...the jetlag is gone (even though I didn't really have any) and summer is in full swing...too bad there's still that little thing called work we have to tend to! We planned this Baltic cruise back in March of 2012 so it's hard to believe that it has come and gone. We had a fantastic time and I'm going to split up each location into separate blog posts because I have entirely too many pictures...but I wouldn't have it any other way!

We started our journey from ATX on Friday morning and flew to Atlanta. We had a quick lunch in Atlanta and then boarded our flight to Zurich. It was about a 10 hour flight and after dinner and 2 glasses of wine (Justin had 2 beers) we took a unisom and ended up sleeping most of the flight - it was great!! I'm never able to sleep so this flight didn't seem any worse than the flight to NY! 

Waiting in Austin before our very long day!
Dad is passed out in Austin...
Beautiful sunset
View of Zurich & the Swiss Alps while landing
After we got our luggage we headed over to the train station. We had detailed instructions how to take the train into the city and get to our hotel. It was not as easy as we thought but luckily we ran into a nice man that spoke English and told us exactly what we needed to do. *Turns out they speak mostly German in this part of Switzerland. We went to Geneva when I was in middle school and they spoke mostly French so this was a surprise!* Taking the train with carry-on luggage and your checked bags was NOT an easy task. Once we made it to the main train station downtown we navigated to find the city bus we needed. Luckily the bus dropped us off directly across the street from our hotel. Our rooms weren't ready (since it was only 10am) so we decided to leave our luggage and explore the city.

I love all these European cities because they are so walkable.

Pretty park
Swiss National Museum 
Adorable little Swiss street - I didn't notice all the Swiss flags until I saw the pictures!
St. Peter's Church - the oldest church in Zurich...said to have largest clock face in continental Europe
Mom & Dad
Fancy sports car...which had a carseat in the passenger seat! NBD
Pretty view of the Swiss Alps!
Lake Zurich runs through the city
Grossmunster Church...built in the 12th Century
We stopped at a local grocery store to check out all the unique foods...and this is what we found!
Texas BBQ Sauce we even have these here??
When we got back to the hotel Justin, mom & dad were all ready to pass out and our rooms still weren't ready (2:30pm-ish). They told us we could wait in the internet room so as I'm on the computer I look over and find this!

Seriously?! I'm not even tired...something isn't right here! Our rooms were ready about 15 minutes later and since the ones we booked were full we were upgraded to suites! They were so nice...on the top floor, 2 rooms, and what a view!

Our living room
Bathroom with skylight
View from our room
We were right on the river
After our my 4 nap we headed out to dinner. Since we had walked all over town and were still tired from jet lag we decided to try the pizza place just down the street. Luckily they had one menu in English so we didn't have to guess or just order Pizza Margherita.

Yummy pizza place we had dinner
After dinner we went back to our rooms to relax and try to get some sleep since we had a full day on Sunday visiting Mount Rigi & Lucerne!