Monday, August 1, 2011

Pinterest Project - DIY Taco Seasoning

So I have a new obsession with Pinterest and have been finding so many food/craft/house ideas that I want to try. I tried this yummy Frozen Coconut Limeade which was AMAZING! It tasted like a margarita with a coconut after taste..yumm! A great way too cool off in this crazy heat! Anyways, one of the other recipes that intrigued me was DIY taco seasoning. We have tacos & variations of tacos pretty frequently so we buy a lot of taco seasoning. The package mixes from the store taste good but are loaded with sodium (even the low sodium ones). I mixed up all of the spices and put in a container to store. Can't wait to make some tacos and try it out! DIY Taco Seasoning - Smells Like Home.

 Hopefully this is just the beginning of my Pintereset project Posts!